in giardino

Well it’s been an absolutely beautiful day here and so we decided to do some much-needed gardening. It really is in a bad state after our being away for over a year. I’ve just about run out of kindling for the fire so first off we collected up all the pruned branches from the olive trees still laying around. Then when I was chopping off all the leafy/twiggy  bits C was  rooting out all the tall weeds and crappy little trees that shoot up all over the place. It took us about 4 hours to pile up 3 huge  mounds of garden debris and a new stockpile of olive offcut kindling. The paesan work is highly satisfying as the garden is starting to look a little clearer. We’ve just had hot showers and come down stairs and now we are both feel as….. stiff as boards. Every frigging muscle in my body is screaming at me, What were you thinking???!!! Just typing this is proving a struggle. I’m just about to pop out to go and try and find somewhere open to buy some wine. Neighbour P is coming over for dinner. If we can stay awake that is.



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