man u edge closer to Prem title

I managed to catch some of yesterday’s match between Man U and Arsenal at our local supermarket here in Italy. It was being shown on a large screen in the food piazza and there was a large interested crowd. Cool eh! I couldn’t stop there long and listened to the rest of the match (or at least highlights) at home via Talksport online. It sounded like a great game and by all accounts Arsenal were unlucky not to get a draw at least. But yet again they seem to have been let down by a thin squad and near-exhausted players. As I said in a recent posting I reckon that’s not just bad luck which has caught up with them but also a lack of foresight and boldness in the transfer market. They say Wenger never buys class players at their peak, preferring to buy promising uncut stones and turning them into polished gems. Well I believe he need not shed that policy but surely the time has come for him  to use that cash reserve  to supplement the squad with some top class players too, otherwise it could be a few more seasons of lovely football, without any silverware.  Even Fergie seems to be getting all sympathetic and I’m sure I saw him offering to help by letting Wenger have Saha for just the £15M….. go on Arsene, he even speaks French.


9 thoughts on “man u edge closer to Prem title

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  2. aw come on fk, i reckon he’d be excellent for the goon squad – fast, good feet and brave and a good foil to adebaye (plus the french). he might only play 3 games a year but what an impact he’d make in them. would you consider £10m? ha!

    thks for checking in

  3. It’s Manu’s title for sure (1/14). They’re the best all round team at’moment. I feel a little sad for the gooners! Could have been 4 up by half time at the the theatre of dreams (did I hear someone mention that old cliche ‘it’s goals that count’?). Shades of dejavu, though – the gooners, playing fantastic one touch and over a decade ago now, the mags! Still hurts!

    I reckon Arsene will strengthen (top player in every department (right down the spine) should do it, but especially a striker.

    Reckon KK will after all stay on now that he’s managed to make a difference at last. Wholesale clearance required there though. Keep the goalies, Taylor, Butt, Martins, Vidukka. He’s got some building job to do there.

    Hugely impressed with your blog – keep up the good work.


  4. hi lol

    thanks for checking in mate. good comments – is it really over 10 years since NU had their glorious period? i was at boro the night asprilla made his debut. yikes i was in my mid 40’s then…it’s been a good season don’t you think with man u the class act, ronaldo the undoubted player of the year but torres not far behind?

    wonder how much they’ll give KK in the summer for transfer activity? generate £25m in sales and ashley to give him say £45m cash? it still might not be enough eh?

    cheers lol


  5. Evening PP

    Yup! Doesn’t time fly. Yea, I was there too a 2 all draw, if I remember correctly.

    I agree it’s been a great season – reckon Ronaldo could be the all time greatest – plenty of flesh for discussion, mind. He really has got everything, physique, fantastic skills, speed, a good head, can shoot and cross with either foot, brave and scores goals from anywhere on the park. Only downside still is his reaction to a beefy challenge, although Sir A is working on that and he has improved. He’ll win you the Champions League!

    On the NU front it’ll take all of £45m and a lot of luck to break into the top four next season. Think I’ll enjoy 08/09 better than this one, though – certainly hope so.



  6. at least it’s been absorbing watching the goings on at st james this year. back to a better brand of football next season and fewer shenanagins i’m sure lol

    ciao amico

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