numbers – alert!

How long is it since I wrote one of these (probably) annoying, (certainly) self-indulgent update postings on the status of the PP blog? Not long enough? Ha! Well here’s the 350th posting and the total word count is somewhere around the 250,000 mark now. That’s a lot of uninformed opinion. But more pleasing for me is the fact that the site has attracted more than 25,000 viewings which is staggering (well it is to me). Thank you very much for checking in folks. Traffic to the site has risen every month since my good friends at Knapp Goodwin/rActive Design created the site for me. Indeed last month we got soooo close to going through the 5000 visits mark in a single month for the first time. Damn we got close.

It would be brilliant to beat that mark this month (we’re about half way there) and to see overall viewings top 30,000. Of course I need to keep (or perhaps I should say start) writing stuff which is mildly interesting and the rest is down to you I guess. To help I’ve come across a thingy which allows you to be e-mailed with an automatic alert from Google on new postings on the site. If you can bear it just click on the following link and complete the simple instructions. Even I could do it.

Many thanks folks

Google post alert for Pasta Paulie


6 thoughts on “numbers – alert!

  1. Cool little tool Paulie. I already have the Pasta Paulie feed in my firefox bookmark bar.

    So 1 viewing for every 10 words? is that right?
    Can I request a cooking for blokes posting?

    and thanks for the name check, I’ve nearly finalised my new identity for rActive so my new site will be up soon.

  2. nice bit of arithmetic pat. that’s not a bad return i suppose. mind you some bloggers get far more for far fewer words!! maybe there’a clue there.

    i’m all ears re the cooking fmwddc suggestion – fire away.

    and let me know when the new site’s ready so i can provide a link – it’s the v least i can do…

  3. Hi PP

    Nice work… glad to have you back on air regularly after the paucity of technology you have suffered over the past few weeks.

    Anyway, suggestions for your next cfmwddc (can’t help thinking that even as an abbreviation that’s over large!) feature;

    1) BBQ exciters. Thinking here about lifting the often bland/poorly cooked burnt offerings, so heading down a couple of simple marinades for fish and meat and simple mixed skewer meals.

    2) Salads. We all know about iceberg lettuce, but what about a twist with fresh herbs chopped through, or a mixed bag of salad leaves and prawns with a marie rose sauce (mayo, tom puree, pepper, lemon juice and chopped caper) or even with a nice spiced sausage and bacon chopped into it.

    3) Sandwiches. Perennial favourites.

    4) Out Do Delia. At the moment shes doing the ready meal with a difference show on telly, but you and I have spoken many times about using a cook in sauce with cooked meat and loads of veg (esp sweet potato).

    5) Pasta. The time is right to take your moniker by the horns and give us the lowdown on perfect pasta dishes with the minimum of fuss.

    Yours at the 19th hole


  4. hi cc

    nice comments, many thks mate. i’ll stew over your suggestions (see what i did there?) and see if i can come up with anything simple and interesting, but you’ve virtually done it already cc! when are we going to do that cook book for men (wddc)? agree it’s an awful moniker but i think i’d had a couple of glasses when the title came to me. no change there then.

    thanks as ever for checking in cc


  5. Hi PP

    Been keeping an eye on this one, as I write you’re up to 29,588….. will have a bottle at the ready for the 30,000 for you.

    Chi Chin


  6. hi cc

    yep it’s creeping up. i should have a prize of a nice bottle of something crisp and white for the 30,000th visitor – if only i could identify them of course. i’d better make sure it doesn’t go to waste.

    cheers cc!


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