dead of night

Whilst ordering some DVDs from Amazon (more Gilmore Girls and Sopranos series – see previous posting) I also spotted a film I hadn’t seen since I was a kid, Dead of Night. It was made just after the war by Ealing studios. The accents and the acting are a little comic but it’s far from being a comedy. It relates a series of chilling dream sequencies and ghost stories from a gathering of country house guests. I was 7 or 8 when I first saw it and it really frigging spooked me.

Nearly 50 years on and I could remember some of the stories but it was all a little hazy. So I asked C to order it for me just to see how it stacked up all these years later. Surely it would be pretty tame compared with the slasher horrors of today?  Well I put it on last night after R had gone to bed and I have to tell you I struggled to watch it all and I had a really disturbed sleep. Despite its obvious datedness it’s still got the power to prey on your (well my) imagination.

Maybe it’s just pathetic little me but if you get the chance have a go at watching it by yourself late at night and tell me what you thought…..can you feel those goosebumps?

Have any films unnerved you like this does to me?


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