baftas; baffling?

Hey did I miss anything interesting at the Baftas (did I ever mention I have two on the mantlepiece – alright they are Interactive Baftas but it’s still two brass faces! Oh apparently I have mentioned it… several times before, boringly, I’m reminded)?  

I caught Kelly Brook on the red carpet which was lovely but that was about the biggest thrill for me.  Harry Hill wins two for comedy (really?) and Holby City (ie guts on view at dinner time) gets the soap award. Blimey. Do you think they just share the Awards around after a while (apart from the Interactives which are intensively scrutinised for truly outstanding excellence). Bruce F getting the old gits award was dismally predictable and yet uninspiring – what has he really done apart from sport a truly crap rug? Honestly can’t the BBC find somebody new to present their shows after 50 frigging years? Sigh.

But on the upside, I did notice that Gavin and Stacey got two awards too. My girls have been telling us to get into this for a while – I can feel a dvd series for my birthday coming on. Woo hoo. Not a classic year for British TV? You tell me. I’m watching the most amazing tosh over here.



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