scruffy and gabby

Well I’ve been told by a couple of women friends that my postings are turning increasingly gentle (they mean girlie) as my distance from mainstream Premiership football lengthens. I thought the Prescott posting was pointedly irreverent, bordering on gleefully malicious but I can’t deny the dawg’s having an effect. I’m turning all LolCats. God, damn it.

This afternoon the weather got gloomy  and R and I decided to head off to do some shopping. We’d left a message inviting neighbour P and her son to dinner and figured we’d better have some stuff in, in case they were up for it later. The Scruff monster was delighted to see us leave the house (no doubt thinking it was grub time again) and was jumping up excitedly. I needed to shoo him away again so that R could get in the car. I’d just shaven my head and it wasn’t too hard to look menacing – it comes easy (even though I don’t mean to). He scampered off and we headed off down the road.

About a minute later, and we were at least a kilometre down the lane, R suddenly shouted that the Scruff was running alongside the car. We must have been doing nearly 40kph. Aw f*ck; what is it with this dog? I don’t like attributing human feelings to animals but I really think he was unhappy to see us leave (food source departing!). If I slowed I thought he might run close to the wheels so I sped off and watched him in the rear-view mirror chasing forlornly after us before stopping, presumably exhausted, way back in the distance. Well it must have been getting on for almost a mile from our home and I figured that’d be it with the Scruff. He’d go and check out J and C’s place or another neighbour’s. Arriverderci pooch!

Thinking nothing more about him, I turned to the music R had put on the CD player, Paul Weller’s Stanley Rd and the track ‘Changingman’; just right, hadn’t heard it in ages. Where’s this posting leading? Well up comes a particular track and it reminded me of a recent interview Gabby Logan had led on radio 5 whilst I was last in the UK. Whoever her studio guests were, and I think it was a band, she asked the main bloke ‘so what’s your special break-up song?’. Whoa, where did that come from? Only a woman could ask a question like that (especially on a sports-based programme). And only a woman would have such a thing. Just so left-field, left-brain and unmanly.

I like Gabby but that was a right girlie give-away. The guy spluttered something until Gabby told us that her ‘break-up’ song was ‘You Do Something To Me’ by, of course, Paul Weller. Well I was just gob-smacked. What the frig has this got to do with …but never mind the sport, I then wanted to know who was it, when was it, was he your first, why did it all end, was he good, does Kenny know etc etc. All the regular blokey noseyness. Avram Grant’s selection policy seemed completely uninteresting all of a sudden . Here was an intelligent woman kicking arse in a largely man’s world suddenly showing her vulnerability and femininity and it was so captivating. Well it is to me.

Of course, nothing more was revealed. But Gabby’s had her heart broken by someone. It’s enough for me.

So a couple of hours later we’re heading back home with a car full of shopping. We pull into the driveway and who’s there? No not Gabby Logan but ….the bloody Scruffmeister. He’d found his way back, clearly ignoring several other potential feeding stations. Jeez. He (she maybe ?) must be keen on us.  Think we must do something to him too. Bloody dog.




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