Scruffy; the return


Aw gawd, it’s the dawg.  This little fella was waiting for me first thing this morning. If you’d read yesterday’s posting ‘Cats and Dogs’ you’d know he appeared from nowhere yesterday and just hung around – especially after I’d given him some grub. I expected him to have wandered off overnight but no, here he is. I gave him some prosciutto this morning – the only meat I have in the fridge – which he ate, though a little reluctantly I thought. ‘Scuse me Scruffy son, beggars and choosers and all that. Look at his face after he had it:

Not very happy! I explained to him that we’re not really pet people but I don’t think he understands English too well. What am I going to do with the little bugger…?




2 thoughts on “Scruffy; the return

  1. Borrow a shotgun (better for you than a hunting rifle as you’re more likely to hit the target) and your problem can be sorted in seconds. Alternatively dust off your trusty 7 iron and hook him into eternity!

  2. ha! and i thought you were a dog lover MR. like the golfing thought, but knowing my club skills i’d probably do an air shot!

    ciao amico

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