great grass, man

Well another great day here and I’ve spent most of the day in the garden. The back’s hurting now but I’m showered, feeling clean and revived and ready for tonight’s match which is being shown live here. Can’t wait to be honest. But that’s for later. Earlier today the Scruff monster was at the front door again. But this morning neighbour P and her son A came over for coffee. P’s a big dog lover and was being very affectionate towards the urchin (which is what he ‘s craving). When P and A left I wasn’t surprised to see Scruff march off with them. Maybe his allegiance had shifted. 5 minutes later I could hear P’s own dog – a large Afghan –  barking away. Either the fellahs were having great fun or  Scruff was now in pieces. Either way I was thinking my period of guardianship may be over….

An hour later whilst I’m pulling these blessed olive cuttings from out of the tall grass, I felt something climbing up my leg. My f*cking heart stopped I swear but as I turned around it was something of a relief to find it was the dawg and not a black adder or something more scary. He was back again. I didn’t know whether to say Thank F*ck or Aw f*ck. So i said both.

All day he’s been ‘helping’ in the garden and thankfully I’ve now gathered up all the cuttings, I think. I’ve been lumping them all up to the chopping area where I’ve been hacking the thicker stuff off for kindling. We’ve got quite a pile again now although it’ll be nearly a year before it’s dried out properly:

Then lumping all the little twiggy bits up to the top of the garden for burning. I’ve already burnt off 4 pyres of the stuff but today we ended up with 3 more:

These are the twiglet bits and the piles are all about 5′ high and 7′ across. It’s hard to believe how much stuff has come off around 25 or so semi-mature trees. Anyway it means tomorrow I can start hoicking the huge weeds out of everywhere (I’ll burn them off on the top of the olive bonfires which burn like crazy) in preparation for finally getting round to cutting the grass down. If you want to see the challenge look at the height of the grass man:


It just grows like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Three weeks ago, this was pretty barren. To give you an idea of how fast it grows have a look at this below. Just over a week ago I sawed off this huge dead bough from our oak tree. It was around 25′ long and I just didn’t have the strength to pull it all the way up from the copse to the chopping area so I sawed off the last 7-8′. To be honest I’d forgotten about it until today when I stumbled over it. It’s at least 6” thick. When I left it a week ago it looked like a huge log on a patch of scratchy grass. Here it is today:

As Rolf might say, can you see it yit? You can just about make out the two ends. That log’s so big I’d never lift it over my head. So you can imagine what it’s like rooting around in this stuff for off-cuts etc. There’s so much wildlife in it (it rustles with mice and lizards all the time) you just have to grin and trust to luck. I’m sure i’m going to grab an apparent dead branch and pull out a horned viper one of these days. Anyway the frigging dog has tuned into this paranoia I’m sure. All day long he’s been hiding in the grass and jumping up at me when I pass by. Here’s a shot of him hiding:-

He thinks it’s a laugh but I nearly took his head off with the axe on several occasions. Hmmm…

Anyway I imagine you’ve had enough of this paesan/wildlife stuff. You must be thinking it’s just a bit of gardenning, get on with it and shattup moaning about your phobias. I agree. There’s almost sure to be a football posting later  plus I fancy commenting on some politics for a change, maybe some friends stuff and I’ve had a couple of requests (get her) for something on the cooking again. Bene.


ps final word; have just had a call from neighbour P; the dawg’s down at her place – best mates with the Afghan. He’s about to share the scoff. This rascal’s going to play us like a pair of muppets.   


6 thoughts on “great grass, man

  1. Morning PP.

    Glad to learn you are making good progress in the garden and that the dawgy has moved on (for now, anyway!!). Sorry S and I’s schedule prevented us from meeting up with C, S & G over last weekend.

    This is probably a little early as it no doubt will pre-empt your views on last nights’ match. 1 – 0 would have been a great result for Manu, but I still think you’re on course to win the tie (2 -1 at Old Trafford!). Some great close control stuff served up last night, mainly from Barca, though. I thought Manu went about ‘the job’ well. Lookin’ forward to the return leg.



  2. Hey PP
    Hows it hanging?

    We are slightly concerned that you are warming towards the scruffy thing, its a worry, could there be a possibility of some little puppies in the horizon, Id watch that hound next door

    I am really enjoying the change from the footy postings, you gotta keep us girlies happy too !! Perhaps a few of your s******g stories would not go amiss and you still have not shared that life saving experience in Carveiro with your fans. That woman owes her life to you, bet she has never forgotten your act of kindness!
    Love to all


  3. hi lol

    thks for checking in mate. not a very good match was it? manu did just enough i thought but hope it’s a better game at home (it’d be hard to be worse!).

    keep on smiling son. love to all the C wimmin

  4. hey G

    great to hear from you. hope all’s well. yeh i’m conscious that the blog’s going all claire rayner. i’m going to have to get gritty again. apart from lol above most of my regular footie correspondents have departed to more macho blogs i think. i might have done two too many postings on the frigging pooch (who’s back here looking at me through the window, groan).

    i don’t know about any s******g stories G – i’m sure folks would want to be entertained for more than 30 seconds (a bit like C). but the carvoeiro tale should be worth the telling – even if it brings back painful memories…..
    great w/e though eh!

    love to all G


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