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Groan…why oh why does Sir Alex (Queiroz?) insist on picking sides to try and play tactically? All they needed today was a draw to effectively seal the Premiership title. So, of course, he makes 6 changes from the last match and picks a side designed not to lose. Always fatal. Fergie and Queiroz just can’t do it. Or at least the team can’t. It’s not in Man U’s DNA to play for draws; their instinct is to attack with thrilling pace and to scare the crap out of lesser teams with the quality of their attacking play.

Players like Rooney, Tevez, Ronaldo, Nani, Anderson, Gigg were bought (or groomed) because of their scoring instincts. Expecting any of them to hold out for a 0-0 or 1-1 is counter-intuitive to them and it shows. What’s the problem Fergie – go all out for the win and if it comes off Premiership secured. Now pressure’s back on. You’ve created squeeky bum time for your self. And a bloody German scores a penalty in a critical match to beat us. No change there then.

My other sides didn’t fair much better. Boro’ lost to Sunderland and are still in danger of being relegated, especially as the other sides down the bottom are hitting some form. Fulham’s come-back today was stunning. I always fear teams who are hitting momentum this time of year. Boro’s form just seems to have disappeared since the Man U game. They only seem to play well against the top sides.

Blackpool had a heavy 3-0 defeat and from looking secure two games ago, they now find themselves getting sucked into the relegation quicksands again. I’m not sure the club would recover from dropping down into the dark side again.

Watford who I’m representing on the sponsorship front are just in an awful slough of form. Losing at home to an already-relegated side isn’t the way to end the season. From being certs for automatic promotion some months ago they are desperately clinging onto a play-off place. Thank goodness Crystal Palace’s form is equally erratic.

Meanwhile Millwall secured League 1 survival with a big 3-0 win today. My mate JP will be v happy tonight, probably for the first time this season. It must have been grim to be a Lions fan this year. Those days of the Cup Final and flirtation with the play offs to the Premiership seem like a million years ago. That was their moment and they blew it. Now they just seem to change ownership and Chairmanship even more rapidly than the managership. That’s a recipe for a club heading towards the exit door.

So a not very good day for my teams. At least MK Dons got promotion. If I was still living in Buckingham I might just have gone to watch them next season. Nah…



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  1. What’s the deal with Michael Carrick btw? As a Spurs fan I was very happy with getting 14m for him as I just didn’t rate him. He doesn’t seem to be up to much at United too – or am I being unfair?

  2. hi n
    many thks for checking in.

    not sure to be honest; he seems to be liked by the fans but he’s been playing poorly the last few matches. i figured he would have headed out as soon as hargreaves arrived but he’s still there. i’m not sure hargreaves has been 100% fit throughout this season. that broken leg seems to have been followed by a lot of niggles. maybe that’s the reason.

    wouldn’t be that surprised if he was off-loaded in the summer up to the north-east. boro might fancy him to replace boateng and newcastle will presumably be in the market for anyone who could be tempted up there (pretty sure he’s from up that way). whether Man u would get anything like the £14m they paid for me is another issue. but knowing the buying policy of those two sides they might just make a profit on him yet!

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