austrian shame

When I was 12 I went on a school trip to Bad Ischl in Austria; it’s about an hour’s drive from the town of Amstetten where Josef Fritzl lived with his wife and kids. A quiet town by all accounts just like Basd Ischl – like virtually all of Austria; clean, ordered and dull. Except this town housed a monster who sexually assaulted his daughter at 11 and after continued repeated attacks then imprisoned her in a cellar for the next quarter of a centrury whilst repeatedly beating and raping her and producing 7 children by her. Allegedly he incinerated the body of one dead child. Forgive me for feeling sick at the thought of it all. For a nation which has produced the genius of Mozart, Freud, Rothschild, Wittgenstein, Kafka, Klimt, Lang and Strauss it has also produced its share of the most depraved and crazed individuals. This man Fritzl is nothing less than evil. But he lives in a house with a family who weren’t apparently aware of this hidden depravity and with neighbours who heard and suspected nothing – over more than 24 years? Ummm. These are the same people who selected the former SS supremo Kurt Waldheim to their Presidency and who spawned Hitler of course. You’ve got to suspect there’s a deep flaw in the psyche of a nation who can produce such madmen. Sorry to be so pointed but this news feature has got to me. I’m sure it’s not just me.


ps at the request of a good friend i’ve removed the image of fritzl.

2 thoughts on “austrian shame

  1. this is a weird country which has a lot to be ashamed of from welcoming hitler with open arms to its citizens working in the camps and loving it! ss president
    hiding stolen natzi art (gustav klint) collection etc but guess what the austrians
    are not ashamed anything but this is a closed society where people have a lot to hide from there past family crimes in the war peopledont trust eachother as its a country full of informers!

  2. Bernard, you’re an idiot. Show me evidence supporting your claim that “people don’t trust each other”. I trust people here about as much as I would trust people in the UK, Sweden or Germany (not America, though).

    Letting Hitler invade nearly without resistance is a dark chapter in Austria’s history, that’s for sure. There are two factors you have to consider, though:
    The economy was in an extremly bad state at that time, and if you know your history, you’re aware of the tendency of people to support fascist regimes in situations like this.
    The other thing is…it wouldn’t have been a war. It would’ve been a massacre. On the one hand, there’s Germany under fascist, efficient leadership. On the other hand, you have Austria, a country with about a tenth of Germany’s population and an economy that’s pretty much fucked.

    Sure, that’s not a good excuse. But you can’t expect such a great number of people to be heroic. Sadly.

    Oh, and I’m pretty sure some of the American soldiers and agents working in Guantanamo also love their job. I believe it’s just the human nature to like having power over others.

    Look at There are nutjobs in every society and every country.

    That being said, I don’t like Austria. As soon as I find a good university (maybe in Canada or Sweden), I’m outta here. I’m definitely not a patriot, I’m just not fond of people only seeing one side of things.

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