manchester pride


Well as an antidote to the last posting, I can only just say woo hoo to the news that Man U defeated Barcelona 1-0 tonight to reach the final of the Champions League. Bring on Russia FC or the Scousers. It doesn’t matter now, it has to be Man U’s year. I tried to watch the game online but it was hopeless. Spookily the only bit I saw in real time and in glorious uninterrupted unbuffered action was Scholes’ sublime goal. And what a beauty (my dream is for my grandson S to become the next ginger genius in a few years time)  –  just like many of the goals I used to  score at 5 a-side (joke right). Perhaps the goal I dreamt about scoring… Who cares? It’s Moscow in a few weeks time and I promised Mike and Jake two tickets if we got there. Oops


5 thoughts on “manchester pride

  1. Got the visas and have pointed the russian embassy to your blog for confirmation of tickets! sadly will be watching this on tv as don’t feel cost / hassle value worth it even if we could get tickets. Also moscow not quite as appealing as barcelona

  2. hi mr

    i’d better see if i can sell those 3 tickets then!!

    i think you might be right. apparently there are no hotel rooms and prices are being jacked up on everything. i only hope it’s on the box in italy.

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