Well I’d like to tell you that this is shot taken with my camera but it’s not. But we are pretty damn sure that one or more of these rascals has been visiting us recently at night. We had our neighbour P and her house guests James and Mary Lou over for drinks the other night and when ML went outside for a smoke she was convinced that she saw a large shape run off into the nearby bushes. The other night we were returning home from dinner out. I went round the back to open the door. We have no lights outside and it was pitch black – I was using the lit screen from my mobile phone to find the lock for the key – when I heard the sound of a largish animal running past and off into the nearby undergrowth….I nearly cacked my pants.

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friends, daughters and sons-in-law

Another indulgent posting (but isn’t that the essence of blogs?) just to say how much we enjoyed having our old mates SF and MF over from America immediately followed by our great daughter and son-in-law, S and I. This also coincided with one of my clients being over here and wanting to hook up if possible but we just got space and time snookered so sorry Jack if you ever get to read this. We’ll make it up next trip. Continue reading

the not so special one

So Avram Grant gets the sack. We forecast it months ago but he’s lasted longer than I ever imagined. It never was going to be an inspired appointment, although that’s how Kenyon and Buck tried to present it at the news conference to announce his appointment as Chelsea manager. He was following in the footsteps of the most successful manager in Chelsea history, Jose Mourinho, the self-anointed ‘special one’. But he came in as a friend of Abramovitch having, it is said, been active in undermining Jo-Mo’s position at the club whilst Director of Football (a position JM thought was unnecessary). The players never really took to him – referring to him as Avram Can’t. Several, including the influential Drogba, openly flaunted their disappointment over the Mourinho sacking ( and by inference their disenchantment with his successor). Not a good start… Continue reading

chelsea blues

Well first blog in a few days after yet another computer malfunction, but what a subject; Man Utd’s epic victory over Chelski FC in their Russian homeland. It was quite a match eh? Far better than recent dour encounters between the two teams. Thrilling, open, compelling and with twists and turns right through to the end. Key moments for me were:

– great first goal from Ronnie Ronaldo – just about the best headed goal I’ve seen in ages. He mullahed Essien in that first half

– the reds should have been 3 up by half time but for great saves from the bouncing Cech

– a great second half from Chelski who were clearly the more impressive side after the break.

– more great action in extra time with both sides having match-winning opportunities

– for once my side win a penalty shoot-out after all these years. Shouldn’t Ronaldo have been asked to re-take his? I was sure Terry was going to miss and sometimes you do get what you wish for, including a German losing a shoot-out for once. Oh ja. My only regret is that the Dog wasn’t there to miss the final kick instead of le Sulk.

– Joe Cole was a pain in the arse all night and did anybody think the Dog was hard done to with the sending off? Not me; big frigging girl. I didn’t see him in the post match activities – he’s on his way to N Italy methinks pdq.

– I thought Tevez was awesome up front but the MotM for me was Ferdinand; surely his finest ever game for the Reds?

– is that the end for Grant and ten Cate? Surely a big clear-out at the Bridgeski this summer. Mancini or Rijkaard in?

– glorious victory for Sir Alex who’s been bullish all week – surely (again) this is the best ever side he’s created. A fitting tribute to reflect the 50th anniversary of the Munich air crash.

– nearly finally I thought that pitch did well to hold out for all that time in atrocious conditions given that they only finished laying it yesterday – maybe they could move it to Old Trafford …..

– really finally, I was delighted to see the old snake-oil Kenyon leading the beaten Blueskis up the steps to receive their losers’ medals. David Gill must have looked on with great pride especially as Kenyon looked like a lizard in his soaking wet suit. How close are Chelski to overtaking Man U as the biggest football brand in the world Peter? F*ck me they might not even be the biggest football team in W London in three years time.

So there we are Man U are double winners again and it’s the big double. We watched it with full Italian commentary and it seemed just as, if not more, glorious. Great season if you’re a red, a Pompey or Spurs fan. Bad time to be a Gooner, Scouser or Chelski-ite. Next year eh fellas?

Once again (and just for my personal pleasure) here’s the moment Mr Kenyon when the European Cup said Moscow!

Thanks to Russ for the image. Lovejoy!


wey hey, back online!

Well it’s been a while since I did the last posting – the reason, as ever, is down to a failure of bloody technology. More of that later. So much has happened in the last couple of weeks: C returned from the UK and I headed out there for some family stuff and business (covering a lot of miles in the process). Sadly I had to miss my awesome grandson G’s first birthday yesterday but I had some great quality time with the kids. Then what about all the footie I’ve missed commenting on – the mighty Reds Premiership title, Fulham’s great escape, the Blues last-day thrashing at Boro, Watford’s sad elimination in the play-offs, dirty Leeds getting through to the po final etc. I’m going to have to address that! In politics we’ve seen Boris elected as new mayor of London (what exactly did he stand for?) and Obama virtually seal the Democratic nomination. Apart from blowing a huge amount of her personal wealth what is Hillary doing by hanging on? Over here we’ve managed to virtually clear the whole garden (back’s broken), Scruff the mutt has been carted off to the kennels by neighbour P and we have old friends S and M arriving from America later today for a short stay followed by daughter S and I on Monday. Can’t wait. Busy, busy. I’ll be back with some proper postings soon. But did you notice we went through the 30,000 total visits mark during April including more than 5,000 visits during the month itself? That’s the first time we’ve achieved that. Thank you very much folks for checking in. Actually I’ve been doing this blog for a year now producing almost 300,000 words and having posted 372 of these rants and ramblings. I can’t believe I’ve been doing them one per day on average. I think I’m hooked on it – I need to get out more….