wey hey, back online!

Well it’s been a while since I did the last posting – the reason, as ever, is down to a failure of bloody technology. More of that later. So much has happened in the last couple of weeks: C returned from the UK and I headed out there for some family stuff and business (covering a lot of miles in the process). Sadly I had to miss my awesome grandson G’s first birthday yesterday but I had some great quality time with the kids. Then what about all the footie I’ve missed commenting on – the mighty Reds Premiership title, Fulham’s great escape, the Blues last-day thrashing at Boro, Watford’s sad elimination in the play-offs, dirty Leeds getting through to the po final etc. I’m going to have to address that! In politics we’ve seen Boris elected as new mayor of London (what exactly did he stand for?) and Obama virtually seal the Democratic nomination. Apart from blowing a huge amount of her personal wealth what is Hillary doing by hanging on? Over here we’ve managed to virtually clear the whole garden (back’s broken), Scruff the mutt has been carted off to the kennels by neighbour P and we have old friends S and M arriving from America later today for a short stay followed by daughter S and I on Monday. Can’t wait. Busy, busy. I’ll be back with some proper postings soon. But did you notice we went through the 30,000 total visits mark during April including more than 5,000 visits during the month itself? That’s the first time we’ve achieved that. Thank you very much folks for checking in. Actually I’ve been doing this blog for a year now producing almost 300,000 words and having posted 372 of these rants and ramblings. I can’t believe I’ve been doing them one per day on average. I think I’m hooked on it – I need to get out more….



4 thoughts on “wey hey, back online!

  1. It is a good thing to have the chance to read the opinions of someone who has a totally different background from you. Rants and ramblings are good; still better than having nothing to say.

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