chelsea blues

Well first blog in a few days after yet another computer malfunction, but what a subject; Man Utd’s epic victory over Chelski FC in their Russian homeland. It was quite a match eh? Far better than recent dour encounters between the two teams. Thrilling, open, compelling and with twists and turns right through to the end. Key moments for me were:

– great first goal from Ronnie Ronaldo – just about the best headed goal I’ve seen in ages. He mullahed Essien in that first half

– the reds should have been 3 up by half time but for great saves from the bouncing Cech

– a great second half from Chelski who were clearly the more impressive side after the break.

– more great action in extra time with both sides having match-winning opportunities

– for once my side win a penalty shoot-out after all these years. Shouldn’t Ronaldo have been asked to re-take his? I was sure Terry was going to miss and sometimes you do get what you wish for, including a German losing a shoot-out for once. Oh ja. My only regret is that the Dog wasn’t there to miss the final kick instead of le Sulk.

– Joe Cole was a pain in the arse all night and did anybody think the Dog was hard done to with the sending off? Not me; big frigging girl. I didn’t see him in the post match activities – he’s on his way to N Italy methinks pdq.

– I thought Tevez was awesome up front but the MotM for me was Ferdinand; surely his finest ever game for the Reds?

– is that the end for Grant and ten Cate? Surely a big clear-out at the Bridgeski this summer. Mancini or Rijkaard in?

– glorious victory for Sir Alex who’s been bullish all week – surely (again) this is the best ever side he’s created. A fitting tribute to reflect the 50th anniversary of the Munich air crash.

– nearly finally I thought that pitch did well to hold out for all that time in atrocious conditions given that they only finished laying it yesterday – maybe they could move it to Old Trafford …..

– really finally, I was delighted to see the old snake-oil Kenyon leading the beaten Blueskis up the steps to receive their losers’ medals. David Gill must have looked on with great pride especially as Kenyon looked like a lizard in his soaking wet suit. How close are Chelski to overtaking Man U as the biggest football brand in the world Peter? F*ck me they might not even be the biggest football team in W London in three years time.

So there we are Man U are double winners again and it’s the big double. We watched it with full Italian commentary and it seemed just as, if not more, glorious. Great season if you’re a red, a Pompey or Spurs fan. Bad time to be a Gooner, Scouser or Chelski-ite. Next year eh fellas?

Once again (and just for my personal pleasure) here’s the moment Mr Kenyon when the European Cup said Moscow!

Thanks to Russ for the image. Lovejoy!


7 thoughts on “chelsea blues

  1. Coming in to work this morning and having various meetings with Chelsea fans is a good feeling.

    My headache, however, is a different story altogether.

    Great result.


  2. hi r

    feeling better yet? still, imagine how bad peter kenyon’s feeling eh! liked the image you sent thru and have inserted above. shouldn’t gloat but i like it when smug buggers get their desserts.

  3. Just about feeling better now. had a load more images through today which i’ve forwarded on – they helped with the recovery process!


  4. hi m
    many thks for checking in. i think the image that was up there has been timed out or something. anyway you’re always welcome

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