t’yorkshire cup final

Ee it were reet grand ter see Donny beat dirty Leeds in t’league 1 play off final t’other day…. Sorry I can’t keep this up as the spell-checker’s ‘aving t’frigging apoplexy.

This is just a short posting to mirror the very first posting I did on this blogsite in which I showed a remarkable lack of sympathy for Leeds being deducted 15 points and being relegated to Div 1. Of course they had try to cheat their way out of relegation but for once the League weren’t to be duped. And although I had forecast dirty Leeds to wipe out those deducted points and to achieve promotion this year, I was not unhappy to see them fail at the final play off to Yorkshire rivals Doncaster Rovers. That’s because I’m from Lancashire and it’s in our DNA to enjoy Leeds’ struggles, and for Leeds to lose such an important match to hitherto local nobodies would have hurt real hard. Also my good friend and colleague SI is a big Donny fan in exile (in fact he’s the only person I’ve ever known who supports the team) so I was pleased for him. Following Blackpool (amongst others) I know what’s it’s like for a small club to achieve some success.

Of course my good friend JW won’t be happy. He’s a keen Leeds fan and it doesn’t seem that long ago that I went as a guest of his to Elland Rd to watch Leeds play Roma with Totti up front et al. From Totti to Donny seems an apt way to sum up Leed’s plight in recent years. I’m sure they’ll be back but let’s enjoy t’moment reet new.



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