euro 2008; final thoughts

So it’s viva Espana at long last. A good final I thought but not a thriller and the right team won. Brilliantly taken goal from Torres who is quite a player. Liverpool are privileged to have him. Pity about the tattoo though – just why do footballers want sanskrit on their arms?

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moving on up

I was just thinking about the band M People and Heather Small in particular. Her song Search for the Hero was the anthem to the London 2012 Bid I was involved with and it’s etched in my memory but I’ve heard nothing about Heather nor the band in a long time now. Does anyone have any news about them? I’m thinking of starting a feature on the blog called Whatever Happened To?…it’s hardly original but some people burn brightly in the public eye for years and seemingly vanish and it intrigues me how they disappear from general view. For example whatever became of Val Doonican, Mike Yarwood, Lorraine Chase, Tony Blair and so on?

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move over mugabe

I see that later today Robert Mugabe is to be announced the winner of the run-off election for the  Presidency of  Zimbabwe, having seen his only rival Morgan Tsvangarai withdraw his candidacy following intimidation. This would be his 5th term and if he serves out the full 6 years, he’ll be 84 when he finishes. By which time he might have completed  his Zimbabwean revolution,  delivering all white-owned land and property to native black Zimbabweans. Of course by then the country will be completely bankrupt, the people starving and the only folks with any wealth will be his political cronies. Continue reading

das tw*t ronaldo

A provocative headline I agree. But I’ve just received a brilliant video spoof from my old friend Eric, who I hope’s doing really well. It might be my shortest posting ever (though not without significance). Here’s the scene where Jens Glazier ealises that run-away Ronnie is determined to leave for those Real shits in the Bendatruth::

oh jawohl!


london’s burning

Well I’ve just been on a flying visit back to London for a series of business meetings, which explains the lack of new postings over the last few days. I’m pleased to say that every meeting went well and hopefully some new business will result from it. It was also great to catch up with my daughter S and son-in-law I who looked after me so well. But the main point of this posting was to reflect on getting around London – now I can judge it as an occasional visitor rather than a weary commuter.

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richard gere in bizarre ad

I’m not sure you’ll never see this ad outside Italy because I don’t think the Fiat giant markets the Lancia brand beyond this fair land (because they are so ugly). Anyway they’ve brought out a new Delta model which actually isn’t bad looking if you ignore the front view. To help launch it they’re recruited the acting talents of no less than Richard Gere. This must be a car aimed solely at women, although it doesn’t look like a typical Clio-esque sort of thing (if that sounded sexist I apologise but you know what I mean), because I do not know a single man who would find odd-ball Richard plausible as a car enthusiast. He’s hardly Top Gere is he? Continue reading

yet another interview

This time I thought it would be interesting to listen in on an interview between Alan Green, the highly opinionated football commentator (‘disgusted’ of N Ireland) who comments on everything under the sun bar the actual game he’s watching and Steve MCClaren, prize tosspot, luckiest man alive and newly-appointed manager of FC Twente, following his sacking and £2.5m pay-off from the FA after his hopeless tenure as England’s worst ever manager and recent lucrative media career as ‘expert’ pundit for the BBC at the Euro 2008 tournament.

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Euro 2008

Well I haven’t written a posting about the Euro 2008 tournament so far (well I did one early on and two spoof interviews, but apart from that not one). To compensate for not having a side to follow at the event I’ve been running a sweepstake type of bet with a bunch of old mates. So I have been writing about events though my daily updates have been via email to the guys (and my sis) in the betting competition. Last night my side, Sweden, went out of the tournament (taking my £10 stake with them) so I thought it was a handy time to return to the blog with some thoughts on the tournament which has of course completed its first stage now. Continue reading