dinner party

Well the other night we broke our record for entertaining the most people in our Italian home. Our English neighbours J and C who own the place down the road from us were coming over to have a couple of weeks here. J still works in the UK and the home here is something to look forward to when they fully retire. We thought it might be a nice idea to invite them for dinner as after a long drive down we figured they’d appreciate not having to prepare a meal etc. In addition we invited our other English neighbour P and her two house-guests James and Mary Lou, who are over from America, and P’s friend Debbie who had arrived the night before. With the 3 of us that was 9 for dinner. Good job we have a large dining table.

Dinner was a lazy affair – C had prepped it earlier in the day – a great tagliatelli and pasta sauce. And we had some mixed roasted veg and olives and lashings of garlic bread prepared by Mary Lou as pre-dinner nibbles. ML also prepared us some salads with a tangy dressing – the tops. Plus we did a bit of wine. In fact loads of it. P and Debs headed back around midnight I think and the other guys were with us until 2am-ish. How James and Mary Lou found their way back across the fields I’ll never know. And J and C must have slept right through yesterday.

We did nothing all day apart from a bit of computer work. I switched on to find my retainer with my oldest client was not being continued – a little shocking. But had positive news from two other sources later. Hey ho. Closing/opening doors and all that. The life of a consultant is never consistent. Today I need to get out on t’internet and pick up some more business. Onwards and upwards amici!


2 thoughts on “dinner party

  1. ALOHA,

    Read your post, and just wanted to invite you over to check out mine. If you ever dreamed before this might intrest you.


  2. hi guys

    many thks for checking in and commenting. you’ll find if you read more of my postings that i’m not the most reverent or religious of people (and I’m sure some of the language will disturb) but each to their own eh!

    always nice to have new readers . many thks

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