Well I think today’s the first day in at least a fortnight that it hasn’t rained. We’ve had a lot of weather recently – mostly of the very changeable kind. Morning’s have started bright and sunny but by mid-day big clouds come scudding over and by mid-afternoon it’s been blowing hard with torrential rain to follow. We’ve had great branches breaking from our trees, huge hailstone showers, the grounds been sodden and of course the bloody grass and weeds have been growing like topsy although it’s been too wet to cut the stuff. Have a look at these scenes from the window recently:

This is mid June in C Italy isn’t it? But the remarkable thing that’s happened as a consequence of this constant rain has been thousands of mudslides all over the place. They farm right up to the edge of their land here and there are few ditches. Every field bears drainage scars across them to try and take away this excess rainfall when it happens but when the weather’s like this, the system can’t cope and torrents of liquid mud simply flood downhill and onto the roads. Tons of it. The road clearance teams have been out morning till night clearing the stuff. They simply dump it on the opposite side of the road from where it spewed on.

Yesterday we headed over to Servigliano to get some things and came across a road maintenance team who’d been repairing a yard wide section of the road which had simply been washed away. That was a 3-4ft slice right across the road. The day before we’d travelled the same journey and that section was perfectly fine. Overnight it had just headed down into the valley. People here are just phlegmatic about it – they just scoop the sloop up and get on with it. In England our transport system would come to a grinding halt at the horror of it all. I can see the headline in the Sun now; MUDDY HELL!

So today we’ve spent some time in the garden cutting down the grass again. it takes me a couple of days to do the whole garden now with Big Boy the strimmer. It’s half done and if the weather holds I’ll finish it off tomorrow. I’ve been doing a lot of work online whilst the weather’s been crap so it’s a pleasant change to get outside again and to top up the farmer’s tan. One positive aspect about all this is that the two lemon trees we bought to stand at the door of the house are already shooting up. Who knows in a year or so’s time with a decent lemon harvest I can make some home grown lemoncello. All I’ll need then is some vines to make my own wine and my paesan life will be complete.



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