moving on up

I was just thinking about the band M People and Heather Small in particular. Her song Search for the Hero was the anthem to the London 2012 Bid I was involved with and it’s etched in my memory but I’ve heard nothing about Heather nor the band in a long time now. Does anyone have any news about them? I’m thinking of starting a feature on the blog called Whatever Happened To?…it’s hardly original but some people burn brightly in the public eye for years and seemingly vanish and it intrigues me how they disappear from general view. For example whatever became of Val Doonican, Mike Yarwood, Lorraine Chase, Tony Blair and so on?

But the title of M People’s first (?) hit and the headline for this posting allows me to do a thank you to everyone who’s come on to the site over the last year and a bit. This is the 400th posting on Pasta Paulie with about 300,000 words since the first piece on ‘Dirty Leeds’. More amazingly we’ve gone through the 40,000 visits mark only recently and if somebody were to meander through say a quarter of the postings before tomorrow night then we’d rack up 6,000 visits to the site in June, the highest ever monthly traffic figure. Blimey.

I remain staggered that people come by to read this stuff but appreciate it enormously. I’ll try and write some stuff that might actually be interesting rather than this self-regarding musing. Promise.



4 thoughts on “moving on up

  1. hi stefan

    many thanks for checking in and for the update. delighted to see that heather and the bands are still moving on up themselves. top stuff.

    you’re very welcome to check in anytime

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