euro 2008; final thoughts

So it’s viva Espana at long last. A good final I thought but not a thriller and the right team won. Brilliantly taken goal from Torres who is quite a player. Liverpool are privileged to have him. Pity about the tattoo though – just why do footballers want sanskrit on their arms?

What were your impressions of the tournament? I really enjoyed it and didn’t miss England being there at all to be honest. Well I did a bit but it was possible to enjoy the football without knowing that a huge disappointment was coming our way courtesy of fat Phil in the QF’s. I thought Holland played some outstanding football in the group stage, Russia and Turkey were surprisingly good and France weren’t just disappointing, they were rubbish – playing football comparable to our qualifying standard (crap). Player of the tournament? I could argue cases for Sneijder and Torres but it would have to be Arshavin I think or, whisper it quietly, maybe even Ballack. Speaking of enhanced reputations, who’d get the main award for this category? It’s got to be Guus Hiddinck hasn’t it? I wonder if the FA are regretting not appointing him now?

Clanger? I’d have to say fat Phil announcing his appointment as new Chelsea manager after which Portugal lost every match. Now we know why he was so keen to encourage Ronaldo to move to Real at the start of the tournament. Best goal? – possibly that flowing move finished off by Sneijder. Superb stuff. I’d be very happy to see him come to Old Trafford in part X for Ronnie, the ungrateful little tw*t. Oddest moment? – the sending to the stands of the German and Austrian managers – what was all that about? And best caught on camera moment? – surely the sight of Loew the German manager puffing on a fag in the box. Very un-Eufa like.

One final thought did I miss the 3rd/4th place play-off? Any other thoughts on key moments/players please shout.



6 thoughts on “euro 2008; final thoughts

  1. Sanskrit? Because they get drunk in better-class curry houses than us mere mortals. We just write the blonde’s phone number with her biro.

  2. ha! nice one john.

    i’m absolutely convinced that the tattooist writes ‘what a tit-wanker’ in sanskrit because it’s not as if a footballer’s going to know any different. he just assumes it says ‘love you victoria’

    maybe torres’ says ‘king juan carlos takes it up the chutney’ . deep joy

  3. Or a Francoist reference? Not sure if Torres had it when he was at Atletico, but the Real-supporting tattooist wrote “And you thought banning one Sanskrit symbol, the Swastika, got rid of us Fascists….” Maybe Aragones has one too?

  4. Hey PP

    Can’t believe that the season is two games old and we haven’t had a view of the runners and riders for the season so far…..

    Can I suggest you kick a new thread off, maybe titled “Young Arse, Rough Trade Utd & Blue Banging It In!”


  5. hi pgob

    you’re right mate, i’ve been very slow on the footie front and nothing at all about the olympics. i need an injection of sports juice clearly aka some chilled crisp white wine. will give it a go tonight pg. ha!


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