prawn balls

I came across a feature on the new tv ad for Comfort, the fabric conditioner. It’s an absolute belter; nicely acted and scripted with some great lines. I especially like the look on the heroine’s face when the husband acts if she can be put into ‘some kind of programme, rehab’. No, no, no. Then finds his prawn balls a liitle warm. Priceless. If you haven’t seen it, have a butcher’s below. Great fun 8 out of 10. Enjoy:



guest spot

Well I’m delighted that a fellow blogger has asked me to do a guest posting on her very popular site. ‘I am the Lost Girl’ writes interestingly about the entertainment scene, mostly in the US, but covering many British celebs and artists too. She’s sharp and funny and at times a little poignant too, as she reflects on developments in her own life. I enjoy her site enormously and it attracts simply huge numbers of visitors; it’s been around half the time that mine has yet has pulled in 7 X the visitor levels. And I think my visitor levels are staggering – particularly given the random ravings and indulgent rubbish that I come out with. So I’m thrilled to do a guest posting on a super blogsite. It’s a little piece on what happens after the celebrity career’s over and should appear from Monday I think. If you’d like to check out The Lost Girl’s site just click on the link on the right hand column of the Pasta Paulie home page (and to get there just click on the mast-head above). Blogging eh….bloody good fun.


a bigger splash

Well it’s been a frantic but hugely enjoyable week. We filled the pool – it took 3 days! And the pool guys came round to top us up with chemicals, get the pump re-started and present us with their bill. I won’t say for how much but I am definitely in the wrong business. Then on Monday we went to meet my lovely daughter E and top husband S and our wonderful grandkids from the airport. They’ve been here all week, returning yesterday. And we’ve had a ball having them, although it was quite emotional saying goodbye at the airport. Mid-week my sister and her friend Moira came over during their holiday travelling through to spend a couple of days with us, which was great fun. It only took the builders to return mid-week too to start tiling the pathway around the extension for our life and home to get pretty full. Now it’s all quiet again and we’re back to normality – working online, cleaning the house, catching up on the blog. I’ve got to go and clean the pool – I’d forgotten what a commitment it is – but it’s great to be able to have a splash whenever you fancy. But it’ll be a little while before it’s full of my great family again, like below:

I’ll be back with more stuff later. Miss those kids…..



Back on 12 June I did a posting about the state of the pool and how we were desperately trying to get it emptied and cleaned so that we could enjoy it again. But we kept hitting problems – the need to cut up the cover to get it out of the pool, the rains that came in mid-June and re-filled the deep end, the lining that came away from the sides, my double-ducking in the gloop etc. So we called on good-looking pool guy Andrea for advice and his guys have been here the last two days getting things sorted for us. Continue reading


Well work on the house is going well. Tomorrow we have the pool guys coming to hopefully get the pool lining re-attached to the pool walls and in preparation for this we have to empty the deep end following the recent rainfall and to clean the remainder of the pool. We have no plug as such in the pool so it all has to be pumped out. It’s too much to do by bailing out with buckets so I was hoping to use the technique Ronato showed me when he came down with the tractor; the old syphon trick. Continue reading


Those who’ve been to the house will know that we’ve had a continuing problem with an extension that was added to the house by the previous owners. We use the downstairs space as a dining room as it offers a fantastic view from there out of the double doors down to the pool and out across our valley. The upper part forms a balcony area off our bedroom which has just sensational views in all directions. It sounds idyllic and it would be except that the foundations weren’t made deep enough and the extension has sunk by a fraction but it has created this huge crack all the way down both sides of the house, where it abutts the main part of the structure. And it has been getting slowly worse in the 2 and a half years we’ve owned the house. So much for surveys eh… Continue reading

return of the pool guy

Regular readers will know about our swimming pool. In the 12 June posting I wrote about what a state it was in after being left uncared for over a year, whilst we were back in the UK. We had virtually emptied it and cleaned it before the torrential rains came and filled up the deep end again, rather depressingly. We also noticed that the lining had come away from the pool sides in several places and hadn’t returned with the weight of rain water on it. For over two weeks we’ve been trying to get in touch with Andrea , who installed the pool for the previous owners, and yesterday he turned up. Continue reading