a bigger splash

Well it’s been a frantic but hugely enjoyable week. We filled the pool – it took 3 days! And the pool guys came round to top us up with chemicals, get the pump re-started and present us with their bill. I won’t say for how much but I am definitely in the wrong business. Then on Monday we went to meet my lovely daughter E and top husband S and our wonderful grandkids from the airport. They’ve been here all week, returning yesterday. And we’ve had a ball having them, although it was quite emotional saying goodbye at the airport. Mid-week my sister and her friend Moira came over during their holiday travelling through to spend a couple of days with us, which was great fun. It only took the builders to return mid-week too to start tiling the pathway around the extension for our life and home to get pretty full. Now it’s all quiet again and we’re back to normality – working online, cleaning the house, catching up on the blog. I’ve got to go and clean the pool – I’d forgotten what a commitment it is – but it’s great to be able to have a splash whenever you fancy. But it’ll be a little while before it’s full of my great family again, like below:

I’ll be back with more stuff later. Miss those kids…..



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