football forecasts: check this out

Well after my earlier posting saying how bored I was with the whole footie scene, suddenly it all kicks off. What a last 24 hours! And I have to say that several of my predictions have already kicked in:

–  Utd land Berbatov at last but what a frigging protracted saga. I got a call from my good mate Shay from the States a couple of hours before the transfer deadline, who’d just heard that Man City had made an audacious bid for the player. He’s a big Spurs fan (London boy) and was pissed that the club were considering selling a key player to a top 4 team. I think he could have lived with selling him to Bayern or Barca but Man U (or City) was too much after Keeno left for Liverpool. Fact is money spoke and once the bidding got beyond £30M, all those issues at board level at Spurs got forgotten (including the tapping up accusations against Man U). All very cynical. But I think the loan deal with F Campbell is inspired – how did Gill/Ferguson pull that off?

–  Wenger makes a last minute bid for Alonso. I said he was a great buy for Arsenal. But why did AW wait till the last minute to make the bid – by all accounts he had a £30M transfer kitty so why delay? I suspect AW wants to be viewed as the Prince of Parsimony because he feels the financial structure of the major clubs isn’t ethical. So was he looking for a last day bargain?  I suspect yes, but he’s short in midfield and I would have signed Alonso weeks ago. But despite having the money, AW missed out. Bad call in my view sorry PGOB but this was a player you absolutely needed in my view and could have had for less than £10M.

–  I said Curbishley would go soon but he has left within frigging hours. Bilic must be in the frame.

–  I also said Thaksin would sell up his interests at City but I didn’t figure he’d do it within 24 hours….So City are now owned by the Abu Dhabi bunch. Total fun. I cannot believe that they tried to high-jack the  Berbastov deal but I am absolutely delighted that they stole Robinhio from Kenyon’s grasp. Such fun. I can’t believe that Man City are backed by impossible wealth but bring it on. Roman Ab are you watching?–

–  Newcastle. I said it could implode and it looks like it’s about to happen wih Keegan’s apparent departure. Surely all they are discussing now is KK’s severance pay – it’ll no doubt be millions. Ah well Kev back to the football circus eh. They could go down. Sorry Lol.

Now that’s what I call a new season 08!!!!



3 thoughts on “football forecasts: check this out

  1. And the fun continues…. Little Alan Curbishley is the first Premier League manager to loose his job, despite Keggy doing his best (think that’s one where Keegan can’t afford to resign & Ashley won’t sack him because he’ll get lynched), and stories rising from the depths for both of them!

    Now we have the farce of England games only being available on Sultana TV with neither the BBC or ITV having rights to highlights.

    What are the FA thinking of? A game at a domestic level which is dissolving in more slime than found at a Whitby Dracula Convention, and now the national game (populated by a bunch of overpaid, unmotivated & under achieving to$$ers) will only be viewed by 13 people in the whole country.

    Make room in Italy mate, I’m coming to stay!

    Chin Chin


    PS Didn’t say Alonso wasn’t worth persuing, just concerned that his head was messed so badly over the summer that his worth was limited in the short term. I did like the stories about Spurs chasing for a striker on the last day so they could sell berbatov, including going for Kevin Doyle despite Reading boss Steve Coppell making clear at the weekend that ‘potential suitors had the whole of the summer to pick at the carcass of his relegated club and that he had no intention of selling players on transfer deadline day’. Tee Hee

  2. hi pgob

    quite agree – it’s outrageous that England games won’t be shown on terrestrial tv. there’s nothing more sacred than money now. i thought there were certain sports that had to be available to a terrestrial audience – obviously our national game isn’t one of them.

    great fun on final day of the transfer window eh. well done stevie coppell for standing by his principles. still think not signing alonso was a mistake. though brilliant i don’t think fabregas can do it all by himself. anyway he’ll be signed by City in january! only joking…

    always room over here for you mate.


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