the FIA – Ferrari’s Interests Above-all?

Because we live in Italy I’d better be careful how I phrase this but I can’t help but believe the FIA has pulled yet another stroke in their determination to assist Ferrari to win the F1 World Championship at the expense of McClaren and Lewis Hamilton.  Did you watch the event yesterday? – probably one of the best races I’ve seen in years with Hamilton finally winning after a thrilling tussle with Raikonnen’s Ferrari. But after the race the FIA’s stewards called Hamilton and McClaren into their office and imposed a 25 second forfeit for gaining an unfair advantage on Raikonnen’s Ferrari as he cut the chicane to avoid hitting the Finn’s car. Yes he overtook his competitor in the processs which is not allowable but under guidance from his team Hamilton dropped his speed to concede the advantage and leading position in the race to Raikonnen. Effectively he self-moderated his error. He went on to overtake Raikonnen, fairly and thrillingly, shortly afterwards. Yet the post-race penalty dropped him to 3rd place, allowing the Finn’s team-mate, Masse’s Ferrari to win by default (Raikonnen having crashed out just before the end of the race). Masse never headed the race at any stage yet he comes out the winner, a result which puts him just 2 points behind Hamilton in the race for the driver’s Championship. Just in time for the upcoming Italian GP at Ferrari’s home circuit at Monza.

Neat eh? Remember the $100M fine imposed last year by the FIA on McClaren for being caught receiving technical  information on the Ferrari team. Ferrari were later found to have done something similar but were let off with a slapped wrist. What about Ferrari driver Schumacher being let off after appeal for illegal us of the base board? And the Ferrari team being merely fined for letting Masse out in front of another driver in the pit lane, thus deliberately impeding him. When another team were found to have done the same thing, the punishment was far more swingeing.

So as far as the FIA (the sport’s governing body let us not forget) is concerned it’s OK if you’re with Team Ferrari but a little punishing if you happen to be employed by Ron Dennis. Well done Max, yet again you’ve allowed F1 to be besmirched. Surely even more people are going to turn off watching if this is allowed to continue. A great race has been utterly devalued by petty politics. What’s the point in following a sport whcih does its level best to ruin its own repuatation. Does anybody share my view or believe I’ve got it entirely wrong?



7 thoughts on “the FIA – Ferrari’s Interests Above-all?

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  2. Hi PP. Absolutley spot on. As a part time F1 fan I thought this was the best race I’ve seen for years but was sure that if they could the FIA would change the result. God forbid that the best driver / team should win on the day.

    I can’t imagine what Ferrari have on Max given that there can’t be many more embarrassing skeletons in his closet / boudoir / spanking bench but this has been going on so long it must be something pretty big!

    It’s time the sponsors got together and had an off the record chat about the harm being done and the fact that although there’s been some good stuff implemented on regulations to make it more interesting (traction control etc.) the long term health of the ‘sport’ is being jeapordised by the constant cheating if the FIA.

    PS shouldn’t he be leaning towards the German powered outfit?

  3. hi mr

    yep totally agree. how on earth moseley’s still there i’ll never know. maybe he’s the bastard son of enzo ferrari…

    a great race ruined in my view. you’d think the FIA would welcome the sight of two drivers challenging each other throughout a race, the lead changing hands several times. a bit like the old days of senna/prost, mansell/piquet, hunt/lauda etc. but no they want it nice and processional, no dramas, no spills and ferrari just winning every championship. like it’s their divine right.


  4. Right on, a very exciting race ruined yet again by the Ferrari Inc. Association.
    I’ve always been a big fan of Ferrari, but to see everything done by the F1 governing body to give them an edge just drives me insane.
    This was a hard earned win for Lewis and I’ll be rooting for him the rest of the year.

  5. and they are still at it – because Massa did badly – they gave him a point last week for spinning when it was his fault for getting too close to the car coming out the pit lane. That was after – yes a drive through penalty for ramming Hamilton deliberately but then that was offset by the FIA (Ferrari International Assistance) giving Hamilton a drive through for doing the same as 6 other drivers on the first corner.

  6. yep i saw that steve but thought better of commenting in case people thought i was getting paranoid. i’m glad it’s not just me – there are so many decisions stacking up in the favour of ferrari, it is getting bloody blatant. I’m rather surprised that mcclaren weren’t penalised for ‘nicking’ the ferrari lolly-pop and forcing them into using the traffic light system at massa’s re-fuelling pit-stop.

    thks for checking in steve


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