bill and jerry; i scream

Well I came across the latest ad from Microsoft featuring Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld set in a discount shoe shop. I think it’s about creating a new, more friendly face for the software giant. More Apple-like in fact. I can’t decide if I like it because of its cleverness or hate it for the same reason. It’s a bit like watching a mini Twin Peaks, decidedly odd but strangely intriguing. So 6 out of 10. I read they paid Seinfeld $10m for the work. Decide for yourself if you think big M got their money’s worth (and check out the family ad that follows in the series too – this could become a cult thing):

Boy can that Bill act.


ps I read this morning that the ads have been cancelled after two weeks – apparently they were meant to be promoting windows vista which wasn’t mentioned once. ha! and instead of promoting a new image for Microsoft, the use of seinfeld (whose tv show ended years ago) only served to confirm how dated the brand is. still it was only $10m eh!


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