i wish i’d never bought…..

When I was 16 a friend of mine had been on a visit to Carnaby St (and bear in mind this was the swinging 60’s) and had come back with a very cool pair of flared hipsters with big leather belt. Sounds unlikely, and very Austin Powers, but these were the thing for blokes to wear. And I really wanted a pair. So off I toddled to Blackpool’s equivalent of trendy boutique street (one shop) and blew all my savings on a pair of flared hipsters made from bold orange corduroy.

The rather cool shop assistant (who smoked menthol cigarettes and also offered me one – clever!) assured me that the slightly short trouser legs were oh so trendy – all I needed was a pair of cool boots with elasticated sides to show them off, which the shop also sold and which I also bought. I thought I’d bought the secret to having women fall at my feet. But when I got home and showed my folks, they were more than a little upset that I’d spent all my hard-earned money on ‘a pair of clown’s trousers’. I just thought they didn’t understand fashion but the reality was that simply everyone who saw them commented on how comical they looked or how brave I was to wear them or how much I’d spent (ie wasted) on them. After 7 or 8 outings I couldn’t stand it any longer and they were consigned to the wardrobe, never to be worn again. And no woman fell at my feet at the sight of them, though several fell about laughing. Sigh…

Have you ever bought something you wished you hadn’t? It set me thinking that the following might also regret their purchases:

–  people who bought shares in AIG, Lehmann Bros, Merrill Lynch, Northern Rock etc. I feel truly sorry for the poor sods who’ve lost good money on their investments but don’t feel sorry in the least that banks and other financial institutions have gone south. Is it just me?  Sure it’s tough on all the employees who weren’t earning multi-million £ bonuses but the grasping buggers have been exploiting their customers for years and the overbearing greed and hubris of some of their senior management has been rewarded appropriately.

–  Mike Ashley buying Newcastle Utd (and Hicks and Gillette Liverpool FC).

–  Chelsea FC blowing £30m on Schevchenko (the worst bit of football buisness of all time?). But is Red Roman bothered?

–  Sir Alex, who convinced David Gill to fork out not inconsiderable transfer fees on Djemba Djemba, Kleberson and that goalie he signed to replace the incomparable Peter Schmeichel, one Massimo Taibi. Do you know where he’s playing now? – only at my local Serie B team here in Italy, Ascoli Calcio! No wonder they got relegated from Serie A.

Any other suggestions for crap buys out there either personal, football -related or just plain sad/amusing?


4 thoughts on “i wish i’d never bought…..

  1. I remember from ’68 an unfortunate yellow shirt with a big zipper in the front and a Nehru collar…

    On another note, should we short all companies sponsoring Prem teams? AIG, Northern Rock…who’s next?

  2. hi StK

    yep that sounds like the sort of thing; the clothes that would never come back into fashion. and it’s always bright colours too eh!

    might make for an interesting book S on which sponsor’s next to go (and there was XL too of course – which i always thought was a strange thing to put on a shirt worn by such giants as bellamy, bowyer and quashie). if i was stoke’s chairman i might be wondering how the financial melt-down’s affecting their backers, Brittania Building Society!

    another thought – if anything’s going to get the average American to take an interest finally in Premiership football, it might just be the fact that as taxpayers they now sponsor Man Utd.

    thks for checking in S


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