good friends

We’ve just had a visit from old friends J and G and their great  kids J and E. We hadn’t seen them for ages and they popped over for a few days with us before having a few days in Venice.

I have to say it was great to have them here – we had a blast with them although the circumstances weren’t terribly welcoming. Firstly although most of Italy has been enjoying decent weather there’s been a trough of low pressure over the Marche region which has caused it to be bloody cold and rainy from the moment they arrived (of course this morning, as they left, it turned out to be lovely again).  The garden was a mud bath, so the kids couldn’t really play outside. Plus the pool was freezing and although J had one dip in there he quickly shot out again. He was massively disappointed not to be able to spend all day in there.

On top of that we’ve been trying to get our gas company to come and deliver us a fresh supply – it’s been over 3 weeks now and our tank is virtually empty. So we weren’t able to put the heating on and the house felt freezing too. A warm welcome to Casa PP! They’ve promised to turn up this Wednesday but they did that last week and never showed. So we’ll see. The annoying thing is that the gas company install the tank and the maintenance is invalidated if you use another supplier. If they don’t show I’ll cancel their bloody agreement and get another company’s tank installed.

Anyway we tried to show J and G a good time despite the weather but even that turned out to be problematic. We traipsed up to San Vittoria to our favourite restaurant one evening only to get there to find it closed for holidays. We ended up back at our local restaurant which we haven’t used for a while and actually had a decent meal and a good time. Then yesterday we took the kids down to Servigliano to watch the jousting palio event only to find it had been cancelled because of the weather (more disappointment for the kids!). Undaunted we headed over to Montottone to go and have a look at the heavily advertised Festa del Fungo. Maybe it was the weather but that was the most underwhelming event celebrating the glorious mushroom I’ve ever been to. Well actually it’s the only fungus party I’ve been to but it was pretty tame compared with the other food events they have here. They’d laid out dozens of tables in this large leisure centre no doubt expecting thousands to attend.  In the event there were about 10 of us in total all looking on with keen interest at this one stand with a variety of mushrooms displayed on it. You couldn’t buy any though, these were for display purposes only. After 3 minutes of intense excitement we cut our losses and headed over to the cheese and meat stand outside in the rain and showed the kids a boar’s head which we promised them for dinner. Oh the excitement eh!

Actually we did have a lot of fun despite the conditions. We had several coffees and glasses of wine in our favourite cafe in Servigliano. One afternood J and I were just having a glass whilst waiting for the girls to return from some shopping and a guy, Stefano, came over and started chatting. Turns out he owned a local vineyard and at his request we went up to his place yesterday where he kindly opened up his bottega for us and we sampled his range of lovely wines, branded under the family name Dezi. One of his reds in particular, the Solo, was just superb. It was a little beyond our price range though we bought a few of his cool whites and some oil and had a really good chat. Nice guy.

In fact we’ve had quite a bit of wine over the last few days just drinking and chatting and catching up on stuff. G’s keen on prosecco and she found a few nice examples over here. The kids were tremendous fun and easily pleased and have turned out to be really polite and interesting characters. As ever J and G were good company and very generous. J also helped me create a small temporary pool hut to house the electrics etc as well as fix my lights on the car and so on. I kind of miss having them nearby.


2 thoughts on “good friends

  1. Hi Guys
    Great to see you too.Had a fab time and really enjoyed catching up and mooching around.Miss you too, tho now we have good excuse to pop over for a Tricliore/prosecco/olive overload, the olives in Servigliano were the best ever, alongside your tricliore of course, I can still taste them….
    Looking forward to the next funge festa !!
    Ciao for now
    The Worthies

  2. hi G

    you’re welcome anytime. at least the next festa del fungo can’t be as bad as that one. it’s the castagnata (chestnut) festivals this weekend – they’re pretty good to mooch around although the choccy covered chestnuts nuts take some eating. M and J’s favourite events if i remember

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