frustrating flying visit

I’ve just returned from a flying visit to the UK hoping to secure some new business. It wasn’t terribly successful as most of the people I’d arranged to meet suddenly decided they were unable to do so – though they only informed me once I’d escaped from Stalag Stansted. Whatever happened to manners in business eh? So after a frustrating couple of days I headed down to Brighton to catch up with E, S and our grandsons.

However it hasn’t been an uneventful few days. I spent the first couple of days at daughter S and I’s place and it was great to catch up especially as S’s just won a couple of major awards for her work with her agency. Very proud dad. I also caught up with old friend, KG colleague and the Patrick Viera of our late lamented 5 a-side nights, C and had a great chat about everything under the sun. He’s a top guy. Fortunately I had one excellent meeting with R from a major London PR agency and I hope we can do something on the sponsorship front for one of her major clients. As I landed in the City after getting off the Stansted you’re-having-a-larf Express I also caught up for a glass of celebratory wine with former colleague Paul S as he literally finished his career with BT. I’ve not seen a man look happier since I was at the last BT leaving do (mine).

Plus of course I had time with the kids – they are growing and developing so quickly. We’re hoping that E and S and the boys come out at half-term. We might just keep the pool open for them if the weather stays good.

We have old friends Brian and Sheila arriving tomorrow from America. They were both (excellent) bosses of mine in previous lives and they are now looking into settling out here, which would be very cool. I’ve written about them before and I’m really looking forward to catching up with them and hearing about their plans.

Also keen readers may have noticed that we’ve blasted through the 60,000 visits mark on the site with almost 8,000 visits in September alone and we’ve just about totalled 350,000 words on the blog since it’s start. Strewth, heady numbers. Many thanks folks, it’s so surprising but totally pleasing. About time I wrote something interesting to justify the interest!

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