more friends and a hunter

We’ve been busy on the guest front lately. After the Worthies we had a flying visit from Brian and Sheila and their lovely daughter Marianne (who we haven’t seen for some 14-15 years). I’ve written about the guys several times – they are both former bosses of mine – and quite inspirational ones too – and several years ago they upped sticks and moved to America to create a successful business. Now they’ve considering where to settle for their later years and the lure of old-world Europe is tugging hard at their hearts.

Interestingly for us the guys are looking at properties in Italy as well as some other destinations. Marianne, who’s finished her education and off to spend some time in the far east, seems destined to work in the UK – she really feels that’s her spiritual home as well as her birthplace. But B and S are quite open-minded about a location. I think good weather is going to be a key factor. Anyway they had been on a whistle-stop tour of some potential places in Italy including one house not 15kms from us. But attractive as the place was, it clearly wasn’t big enough for their needs, which is a shame from our perspective. But they clearly do like the country and who knows maybe they will be over here at some point, which would be great. Brian’s such a driven kind of guy – as entrepreneurial as you can be, and his new online project is rich in potential. He’ll retire a Euro millionaire 450 years before I get there.

They were only with us for one evening but it was great to see them again. And now we have C’s cousin P over with us for a second break this year. We do enjoy her company and the weather’s fine again so we’re looking forward to showing her round the chestnut festivals etc. Yes it’s that time of year again when it’s possible to sample chestnuts cooked in countless interesting ways – covered in chocolate, as fillings in pasties (oh yes) and just occasionally, roasted.

Only this morning we had another visitor too. At first his dog arrived in the garden but then up strode a guy with shotgun in hand traipsing through the olive trees like he owned the place. It’s hunting season here (it tends to run from Jan through to December) so these guys are everywhere just tramping over the hills etc. The dog seemed to have the scent of something – maybe it was boar? – and as he followed the pooch by our pool he looked up to see us viewing him from the dining room – no acknowledgement or anything just a quick shake of the shotgun. OK. He disappeared as quickly as he’d turned up. We heard cracks off in the near distance a few minutes later. Something had been shot, happily it was none of us. I’ll probably not mention this to  Brian and Sheila…



4 thoughts on “more friends and a hunter

  1. just catching up on the blog, great to have men with shotguns wandering around eh? very comforting. We will have the same here in a few weeks, when the toffs start shooting at the pheasants they’ve been rearing all spring/summer.
    Last year we were kindly reminded to keep our dogs out of the adjacent (there is probably a proper name for a pheasant field) bit of scrub land, else there won’t be anything to shoot don’t you know!

  2. hi p

    you’re such an aristo these days! i can just see you in a waxed jacket and tweed socks mixing with the Bucks gentry. the hunting set’s a bit more rustic out here…

  3. I’m the Brian of B & S above, back after our whistlestop property inspection tour. For those of you who have yet to take up the invitation to visit the Casa Leonard – or those who like us have yet to issue your own invitation, don’t wait.
    It isn’t clear that the inhabitants will survive there much longer. All concerned have developed a strange … I don’t know any other word than colour to their skin. No longer that pure anglo-saxon pasty white beloved of Brits for centuries, the inhabitants of Palazzo Leonard display something suspiciously like mild tanning.
    It can’t be healthy and will surely be the end of them.
    Assuming of course the weird deformity disease doesn’t get them first. The symptom here is a gentle but pronounced curve to the left hand. Imagine cradling a wine glass as you sit of an evening in Piazza Leonard enjoying the late aftrnoon sun. Now remove the glass and the shape that’s left is oddly identical to the more-or-less permanent deformity witnessed in P & C. Can’t imagine what causes the condition, but it can’t be good.
    No, waste no more time. Upgrade to the high-def CIA version of Tom Tom which might just have the Via Leonard in its map database and get out there now, while you can. You won’t regret it. They might, but …

  4. b, you kidder.

    folks might get the impression we enjoy the odd glass of chilled wine or two as we soak up the glorious late sunshine after working like a paesano all day over a hot computer. it’s life jim but not as we know it…in the UK!

    ciao mon amico americano


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