Eurovision hell

News reaches me that the BBC have only gone and scraped the absolute dregs from the bottom of the Saturday night light entertainment barrel by commissioning old rubber face Lord Andrew LLoyd Webber to write next year’s UK entry for the Eurovision song contest. Of course there’s more to it, sadly, as the Beeb will turn this into yet another prime time programme entitled Your Country Needs You starring all the usual camp followers as they hunt for the next big talent, who will then go on to perform the Webber song at the event. It makes me happy to be a thousand miles away.

However I couldn’t escape the promotional video for the show that the bloody shameless BBC were only promoting on their World News Channel. It features the rubbery one in a mock Prime Ministerial role appealing to the People of Britain to ask not what your country can do for you…. JFK must be turning in his grave. He prefaces things by saying that the BBC have invited him to ‘Unite our Kingdom’. Nothing immodest or overblown about that statement I guess. It is just appalling but I can’t stop watching it. It’s train crash telly.

If you haven’t seen it have a look below. Just watch what old rubber jowls does with his face at the moment he mentions the website – it’s the sort of look you’d put on if you’d just cacked in your pants. Enjoy:

See what I mean? Now that I’ve got you thinking along Eurovision stuff how about completing my latest poll below. Ah go on, go on, go on:



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