mccain’s (had his) chips

It’s surely all over in the US Presidential race, isn’t it? I cannot see anything other than a big Barack win. I don’t think Biden’s been a great choice as running mate but he must be thanking his lucky stars he hasn’t got failin’ Palin as his VP choice. Everything she does heaps further problems on the McCain shoulders. It shows that McCain’s judgement isn’t good – he went for the easy appeal of Palin’s photogenic attractiveness, bright personality and youthful feminity but it’s backfired big-time. She’s issues-prone, baggage-laden, easily parodied, inexperienced, lacking depth and gravitas, overly image-conscious and liable to make appalling gaffes. Apart from that I think she’s great. Fancy an anagram derived from  ‘McCain and Palin’ – manic panic land!

On top of all of that I can’t help thinking that McCain looks kind of odd on the stump. I realise he was badly injured and tortured by his captors in the Vietnam war and I understand his injuries were so profound that they have affected his mobility ever since. Now this isn’t intended to mock or make light of his physical problems but he seems to have such strange little handwave gestures as he’s working the live audience. A quick, flashing short-armed gesture which seems almost puppet-like. There’s just something really odd about it.  Is it just me?  He shouldn’t do it; it looks insincere, as if he cannot be bothered to wave properly. If it is because of his injuries I’m going to seem like a complete tosspot now…..



3 thoughts on “mccain’s (had his) chips

  1. Wouldn’t be to sure about it being all over for Mc Cain. It is after all the US and lots can happen in a few day, especially to prevent Obama (who should win of course) from winning.

  2. Funny how Sarah Palin is already of zero interest (thank God), but on the weirdly appropriate word game front, here is a pailindrome (sorry!) that captures her extensive overseas experience: “Wasilla’s all I saw”

    The election has been a fantastic experience for political junkies like me – and probably 2 years of torture for normal people. I’ve been interested in American politics all my life in large part because it throws up so many incredibly colourful characers and episodes – the Kennedys, Nixon, George Wallace, Reagan, Arnold, Huckabee, Cheney, Watergate, Irangate, Monicagate … the list goes on and on. I can’t think of any UK polticians except maybe Thatcher, Enoch Powell and Ian Paisley who reach American levels of off-the-wall narratives. My God we are still trying to work out if Ted Stevens hung on to his Senate seat in Alaska the week after he’s found guilty of 7 felonies!!!

    And now Obama. It as always been fashionable to finger-point at America’s appalling record of racism. And it is an appalling record. But it is entirely impossible to imagine any European country electing a person with his lifestory to a local council, nevermind to be head of state.

    At the risk of being overly sentimental, here’s a rhyme going around which I first heard quoted by a black American last week – “Rosa sat so Martin could walk. Martin walked so Barack could run. Barack ran so our children can fly.”

  3. hi b
    great input. i’ve written previously about my own love of american politics -and how MlK is another of my true heroes. so i’m cool with the rhyme. i heard a nice line the other night on the radio which went something like thank goodness the american people have at last set aside all that prejudice and finally elected a president who….has a brain.

    suddenly the world seems a safer place don’t you think?

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