oil bonanza

Well the weather here’s been glorious this week-end and rather than wait until returning from the UK we decided to plough on with the olive picking. Last night we finished around 5pm – we’d been at it non-stop for nearly 5 days. C had a really bad bite on her leg which was terribly sore but she spent all day with me picking the fruit, as did R. We were also joined by Megan and Marcel a young Australian couple who are our neighbour P’s latest house-guests. They’re great company and they’d promised to help out despite feeling a littel jaded from dinner and a few drinks at our place the night before. That was in return for P treating us all to lunch out earlier in the week which was v kind of her.

Anyway back to the olives – we ended up with a pile of fruit slightly bigger than the first lot we took for processing. In total we collected over 160 kilos of fruit – that’s 3 times last year’s yield. Woo hoo. We’ve filled up all the spare bottles we have to bring back for oil club members etc – that’s the biggest problem we have, getting hold of olive oil bottles. But it’s a great feeling to complete the harvesting and look forward to using our own produce throughout the year. I’ve just got the job of pruning all the trees now when I get back.



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