strictly X celebrity factor… forever

Well we’ve been back a few weeks and it’s allowed us to catch up with all the Saturday night tv shows. I actually quite enjoyed IACGMOOH – it seemed to come to a conclusion nice and  quickly and  although it had its share of sad has beens, they made for good tv. X factor reaches its conclusion tonight thankfully – surely the highlight of the whole series was Dermot’s post-mime interview with Britney – just arrrwesome! Nice of you to bother turning up love. But the prize for played out, overblown cringe-inducing TV has to be Strictly Come Dancing.  Words fail me….

Actually they don’t because I could write 1000 words (well 200) on what’s wrong with it :

–  Bruce f*cking Forsyth. Just pension the old tw*t off – he’s got one slight problem with his comedic act; he’s not funny. Even with scripted gags. It’s just painful watching the old goat trying to deliver a punchline. Robert Mugabe would be more amusing and entertaining.

–  Lisa Snowdon. Is she one weird needy girl or what? Dear George can you explain her appeal please?

–  the judges. Bruno – the numero uno loono, uncle Len who says 7 a lot (which is funnier than anything BF says, which isn’t saying much), the old boiler Arlene who dresses like a 25 year old because she fancies all the guys even though she’s at least 70) and then there’s HMP Craig Grendon Underwood who’s plays bad cop (with a few face lifts). They look like a collection of extras from the Muppets show and comment as intelligently.

–  the professional dancers Antoine du Bec (surely that’s not really his name) who looks like he’s being groomed as the new Brucie (please tell me we don’t have to endure 60 sodding years of him now) and that prick Brendon Cole who fancies all the girls almost as much as he loves himself.  

–  the length of the bloody series. Jeez we came out at the start of November when it had already been running for ever. We never saw at least 5 of the acts shown on the credits – they’d already been voted out, during the Falklands war I think. And tonight it was semi-finals night, soooo close to the final act. From the last 3 celebrity dancers left in, guess which one didn’t make it to the final? Answer none of them – because they all made it through. What the fu…? So tonight’s show was a waste of time then – yeh like all the rest of them.

–  why didn’t they just postpone tonight’s show to let X Factor have the limelight – I bet they whupped SCD in the audience results anyway. 

–  finally doesn’t anybody else find the title of the show kinda funny? I still smile at the old joke about the original tv programme’s title – what’s white and skips across the dancefloor? The answer’s not Bruce’s rug.  



5 thoughts on “strictly X celebrity factor… forever

  1. A very amusing entry – even though I love all 3 shows, I have to agree that Bruce has had his day, he thinks he’s funny, more cringe-worthy I’d say…i’d also like to agree that tonight’s SCD was a total waste of voters time (i’m glad i do not waste my money on such things (is there not a credit crunch meant to be on)) – i have a theory that they wanted Lisa out but as Tom danced the worst i think he didn’t get through to the final on the votes – FIX!!!!

    X Factor – of course Alexandra was going to win, the others were cr@p, she’s in a completely different league, again why waste your money voting, also what a load of trash they have on that show too, bringing back the misfits that shouldn’t be allowed on EVER, i had to hide behind the cushion!!!

    So in conclusion, Strictly was a fix, xfactor was a no brainer, no Ant & Dec to entertain us, what an anticlimax to the night!!!


  2. hi cheryl

    great to hear from you and many thanks for checking in (especially as you had two shows on tv last night!).

    top comments: think you’re absolutely right about abusing the poor old paying voter – another complete rip off. the bbc should reimburse everybody with interest. and the rejected singers bit on XF was just cruel 9 (mind you i did laugh at the bloke with the glove).

    so I’m A Celeb comes out tops – who’d have thunk it when the line-up was announced eh. oh and david van day’s best mates with my daughter’s neighbour apparently but i can’t tell you what their shared interest is (though it happens in a land far far away….)

  3. Anyone who voted deserves to lose money – entertainment for morons.
    Whatever happened to Saturday Night TV?
    Ah…Ant & Dec…

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