Beckham joins Addams Clan Milan

You’ve got to hand it to David Beckham; he’s the only footballer I know who has played for the biggest clubs in the world’s leading leagues. After his spells with Man Utd in the Premiership and Real Madrid in La Liga, yesterday he completed the perfect set by signing for AC Milan in Serie A. In the meantime he’s also picked up over 100 international caps, the majority as England’s captain.  Pity about the LA Galaxy thing but I suppose that if he also pulls off the trick of single-handedly  convincing the American sports fan to at last embrace the world’s greatest game, then you could say he’s had a bit of an impact on the game.

The week-end’s TV and papers over here in Italy have given major coverage of yesterday’s press conference to announce his signing for the rossoneri, a club with more than its fair share of oddball characters. I liked this shot of DB shaking hands with the club’s vice-president Uncle Fester. I wonder if he’s met the head of the family, old charmer Gomez Berlusconi yet? The best story of the day was the reported ban that DB’s wife Pugsley, sorry, Victoria had imposed upon Sky TV’s very own Morticia-like siren Ilaria D’Amico from interviewing DB alone. Anyway the interview went ahead, chaperoned. You might have to keep an eye on her VB, she’s wickedly attractive.

But that wasn’t the only fascination with English football as the draw for the Champions league has thrown up 3 huge Italy -England ties to savour; Man U v Inter, Arsenal v Roma and Chelsea v Juve.  Oh bring it on. Lucky Liverpool get a virtual bye with a shoe-in draw against Real Madrid. Fact is any of these ties would have graced the final itself. Oh and DB has a winner’s medal – of course.




2 thoughts on “Beckham joins Addams Clan Milan

  1. Hi PP,

    Just thought I’d comment and let you know I am now one of your newest regular readers! I remember my dad and you discussing this blog when we came for our brief visit in October, and I found the link on my dad’s rather sad single posting on his own website. I’m writing my own blog now to record my time here in Thailand which I hope you will read!
    Other than that, please tell C and R I said hi, and Happy Christmas!

  2. Hi Marianne

    great to hear from you and hope all is still going well in Thailand. We were a bit concerned when we saw all the stuff at the airports. C’s an avid reader of your blog and keeps me updated on developments – but i shall be less lazy in future and check it out for myself. It’s the least i can do for a regular reader!

    never understood why your dad gave up on the blog – he has a mountain of tales and writes almost as engagingly as his daughter. mind you i tried to leave him an encouraging ‘welcome to the blogosphere’ message and found the process really difficult. he should turn off the filters. he can always delete the penile extension offers (unless he had some interest of course).

    anyway many thanks for checking in m. have a great xmas far far away. bet your m and d will miss you enormously. and take care!

    ps come back and see us, anytime.

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