xmas dinner

Well it’s 24th Dec I’m just listening to radio 5 this morning on the computer and the topic is ‘how many are you having for Xmas dinner? Gentle enough stuff, mind you it is Victoria Debyshire who’s hosting; I don’t think she’s going to knock Melvyn Bragg of his high-brow perch any time soon.Anyway the phone-in has turned into a bit of an I-can-top-that thing with the latest claiming to have 24 people to dinner tomorrow. It’s a lot. I think the most we’ve entertained is 9 or 10 – we and the kids, grandkids, sons-in-law, the odd friends etc. Where do you seat 24 people and find that number of seats?

My good friend Carl (Charlie Cranium of this parish) told me that they have over both sets of parents and sundry other family members and their Xmas dinner’s become a fantastic lazy, traditional family affair. That’s the way it should be I believe. This year, our first in Italy, it’ll just be the 3 of us and P our neighbour. This will be the first ever time we haven’t been with all our children and grandsons on Xmas day and I’m kind of downbeat. I guess the point is don’t move to a foreign country if you want to be close eh.

Anyway our kids etc are heading out here, hopefully, in a few days time and I’ll console myself with lots of cooking and probably a few glasses too many too. We’ll have our big family meal on New year’s day I think. We still need to find a turkey – haven’t seen one anywhere as yet. That said they shoot things as small as sparrows here so a big fat flightless thing with the escape sense of a dodo, but significantly more tasty, has got no chance. 

However many people happen to be at your dinner table tomorrow, I hope you have a great Xmas day and may the cooking be enjoyable and the glass always full.

Buon appetito and buon natale amici



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