Well Xmas has been and gone. We had a quiet one, our first here in Italy and haven’t done an awful lot. But our daughter E, son-in-law S and grandson G arrive here hopefully tomorrow after driving down. They’re staying overnight near Lake Como and should be with us tomorrow evening all being well. Grandson S and daughter S fly in to Ancona on Tuesday and son-in-law I flies in to Rimini on Wednesday. We can’t wait to see them all but I hope they’re bringing some big jumpers and wooolly socks.

Thing is, the weather’s turned really cold. We’re running out of gas again and as usual our supplier doesn’t seem in the least bit interested in re-stocking us. We must do s0mething about them, it’s getting beyond a joke. At this rate we’ll have to request a re-fill whilst the gasman’s here filling the tank.  We’re trying to conserve our last bit of fuel stock for heating the water and doing the cooking, so the heating’s off and the house is freezing. This happened last time we had guests staying.We’ve bought a calor gas heater which is great but can only heat one room at a time . It’s also a heavy bugger so not easy to move up and down our 3 flights of stairs. 

So over the last few days I’ve been borrowing neighbour  P’s chain saw (which she has on loan) and got down to sawing up the huge logs left from last year. I’ve got them all chopped up at last but we are chewing through the log pile at an alarming rate trying to get the house warmed. Actually the fire heats just the lounge and we’ve had to install curtains at the entrance to the room (it’s cut into the old wall and there’s no door as such) and the front door to try and prevent draughts but it’s impossible. The more I’ve sealed up ventilation holes, gaps around utility supply pipes and windows etc, the more the draught seems to increase and the colder the house seems to get.

Aw gawd. Our kids start arrriving tomorrow and it’s like ice station zebra here. For 3 days it’s been cold and rainy and to compound things the snow arrrived this morning. Fortunately it didn’t settle but I sense the white stuff’s on the way. God I hope the gasman cometh sooneth.


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