mr forgetful

I mentioned in a recent posting that I’d forgotten to take some pictures of the kids whilst they were here and how annoyed I was with myself. It’s not as if the boys are here very often and we’ll have no physical memories of their time here now. Then this morning I realised I hadn’t given E and S any of our olive oil to take home with them in the car. And they’d been good enough to save all their empty bottles for me.  To top it C had to remind me this morning that today is their 2nd wedding anniversary – I hadn’t said or done anything for them. Bloody hell.

I can remember moments from when I was 3 or 4 years old but my short term memory is getting as bad as Dory’s in Finding Nemo.  Ask me what I had for lunch yesterday and I’d struggle to tell you. Is this what getting old’s going to be like? Jeez.

If I write a similar piece tomorrow, you’ll know the reason why. But don’t forget to let me know will you?


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