quiet house

So today I took S, I and C to Ancona airport as they headed back to the UK. It’s just R and me now. Today was an absolute belter weather-wise but whilst the clear skies during the day are lovely, it means that the temperature drops hugely at night. A guy at the garage told me it was -5 C last night. I can believe it as the house was v cold yesterday evening and the pool was frozen over this morning. Poor S and I – every time they come it’s cold and rainy until the day they depart. Hopefully they’ll come in the summer this year when it’s baking. At least we can’t complain about not getting proper seasons here. Still it’s been great having the guys. They’re both keen runners and managed one run a couple of days ago. The hills are fearsome here but they enjoyed the change from the flat London running landscape – I think! Most of the rest of the time I’s been huddled over our new computer kit for hours on end getting it all set up and S’s been all wrapped up against the cold. The gas man still hasn’t turned up so it’s a cold house and now of course it’s all quiet in the house after all that activity. I can’t believe how much I miss our family when they’ve gone (and I forgot to take some pics again this morning!). All of a sudden it’s back to reality eh and my clients are baying for some results to be delivered already. Hey ho. 



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