snow views


I mentioned that the white stuff was coming and there are no views like snow views eh! Here’s a view of our nearby mountains, the Sibillini, looking out from the top of our road. I think that’s the pretty hilltop town of Monte San Martino  on the right of the picture. There’s a lot of skiing activity up in the mountains based around the village of Sasso Tetto near the town of Sarnano where we head for with friends etc in the hot summer months. I think if the kids had been around for a while we might have headed up there for some sledging etc but I’m not sure I fancy it with just R and I. Anyway I haven’t got any snow chains for the car as yet but think I should get some before the white stuff lands here. What’s the betting the snow arrives before the gasman does? Then he won’t be able to get through at all. That should please him. Ha! Just wait till he needs my marketing expertise….yeh right. Here’s one final peep at the view. Enjoy:



4 thoughts on “snow views

  1. Dear PP

    Looks much like the hills around Buckingham this morning!

    I hope all is well with you et al, and that the New Year brings much to delight, and little to deter.

    Over the hols I took the decision to create my own haven of electronic musings, inspired as I was by the master himself.


    NoAxe(to grind)!

  2. hey NA

    grt to hear from you and wey hey a new blogger! welcome to cyberrantland my friend. will be checking in avidly – let me have your details and i’ll put up a link from pp. that’ll pull in the 10000’s mate!

    here’s to getting all that fury and poetry off your chest

  3. hi NA

    been to the site (excellent) and delivered your first comment. such an honour esp as i think you may have been my first commentator mate.

    looking forward to reading more – like the approach ypu have to health care- and of course just waiting for the moment that you finally become exasperated with the professor’s transfer policy (and lack of silverware).

    ciao amico

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