tom nights


Well R and I are indulging ourselves in films and other  DVDs. Yesterday, the first night without C was R’s time and we ‘enjoyed’ a host of Westlife and Take That stuff for most of the evening. Oh the joy. Then around 9.30 she put on Green Mile which was a surprisingly great antidote to all that boy-bonding, sing-a-long-a-ding-dong pong. Today, whilst I was over at neighbour P’s sawing up wood, and after an afternoon of yet more WL/TT dvds (she has enormous appetite for boy band live performances – is that slightly salacious sounding?) R  rather surprisingly picked ‘Road to Perdition’ for tonight’s main film feature.  Okey dokey.

Well it finished around half an hour ago and without too much prompting I managed to convince her that we should continue with the Tom Hanks movie post-new year theme and watch Private Ryan, which is just one film I never, ever get sick of seeing. Don’t know what it is but Spielberg definitely got me on this one. If my gravestone said that I too had ‘Led a good life’, I’d be very, very humbled (as well as very, very dead of course).

If my lovely wife C was here she’d want to continue the season and would be negotiating hard with me to having Forrest Gump as the film premiere tomorrow evening – just about the only good thing about her being in the UK right now is that the Tom Season ends without having to endure that. But  to be honest I’d swap watching FG for having C back here like a shot right now. As a substitute for my missus, I’d have to say T.Hanks but no thanks.



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