I’ve mentioned our neighbours before; on a tiny rural Marche road with few houses there are 3 sets of English folk (including us of course) all hailing from Lancashire originally. What’s the chances eh? What’s more we all get on really well. It’s not like a dreadful ex-pat clique or anything, we’re all around the same age with similar  backgrounds and close family interests. And we all love Italy and its lifestyle, and the weather – especially in summer, when we’re often found dining al fresco at each other’s places. Not much chance of a BBQ at the moment though.

We missed J and C who were out here in December because we were  back in the UK chasing work etc. But hopefully we’ll catch up when the weather picks up a bit. However neighbour P is permanently based out here now like ourselves and she’s been a real brick on many occasions – especially as she is a fluent Italian speaker and fully-qualified language tutor. That’s the point of this posting really because P has almost finished the development of her beautifully restored farmhouse, the latest phase of which has seen her turn the whole of the lower ground floor area into a course centre. Much of P’s work involves tutoring the senior staff from local Italian businesses in English. But increasingly P is opening the centre up to companies and groups  from the UK and the US who are looking for an interesting base either to undertake a whistle-stop course in Italian or  to sample the lifestyle out here. It would make an excellent base for team building events or off-site activities mixing a bit of business with an opportunity to sample the charms  of the Marche region. Before I turn into a spokesperson for the local tourist board, perhaps its better if I just refer you to P’s website – if you’re interested just click on the Courses in Italy link on the side-bar of the home page. P’s huge team of dedicated switchboard operators are just waiting to take your call. 


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