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Well, I’m currently reading ‘When Giants Walked the Earth’, the biography of  Led Zeppelin by Mick Wall, bought for me by  E and S as a present for my fiftyumptieth birthday. It’s everything you’d expect about the greatest live band during that period from around 1969-74 – which I realise must sound like back in the Middle Ages to many readers of this blog. And before you ask, yes I did see them perform, unlikely as it may seem, at Aberystwyth in 1972  – see posting of 13 September 2007 (which also makes me realise that I’ve been doing this blogging lark for a long time now. And I’m still waiting for Rupert Murdoch to spot my writing talent and buy me out for a mountain of Euros. Bloody media mogols). Anyway a third of the way through and two things have struck me about the book so far a) the number of references to Jeff Beck; somebody clearly has an obsessional hang-up about a guitarist whose sole claim to fame  is ‘Hi Ho Silver Lining’. Get over it Jimmy. And b) the hugely influential role played by their manager Peter Grant, a big fat lump of a bloke with more hair on the back of his fingers than on the top of his head. He kind of reminds me of someone …..

It’s a touch conceitful to compare myself with such a Svengali-like figure I guess but the point is that I feel a bit like a talent manager this week. Publicity agent may be closer to the mark. Having written about neighbour P’s tutoring skills and facilities in the last posting, I wanted to big up the talents and services of two other good friends of mine. Firstly Pat H who worked with me at BT on our sponsorship of Tate Online. It was Pat who developed, designed and art directed many of the brilliant visual platforms on the site such as allowing people to explore the huge collection through a  dazzling variety of channels. Quite by chance we decided to leave the business around the same time and set up our own consultancies and along with the guys at  Knapp Goodwin, Pat was instrumental in getting my consultancy website produced and this blogsite established. He’s been dealing with online queries from Dufus of Buckingham/Marche with much patience and grace ever since. Pat’s essentially a graphic designer I guess who’s found a niche in developing creative solutions in the online world. But I know he also produces great design work in all forms of media (only today did I realise he’d designed the branding for the nursery which my grandson attended near Buckingham). As well as being talented he’s also great fun to work alongside . Anyway if you want to find out more about Pat’s company, ractive design, go follow the link on the sidebar of the Pasta Paulie home page (and to get there quickly just click on the masthead above). 

Another pal, former colleague, 5 a-side footie regular, keen amateur chef and general good guy is Carl. We both spent too many years in the mobile industry which probably accounted for our easily-managed hairstyles. Over the last few years Carl has been studying bloody hard during the time when he wasn’t earning a living and bringing up a family and has recently qualified as a fully-fledged osteopath and sports injury specialist. His practice is now established in Kings Sutton and is starting to attract lots of patients attracted I’m sure not just by his evident healing skills but also his refreshingly honest attitude to good health. He is a firm believer in allowing and indeed encouraging his patients to help themselves to better health. If you’re intrigued go check out Carl’s practice website, It’s on the sidebar too. Better still you can find out more about Carl’s approach by reading his newly-established blogsite You’ll have to endure the odd posting on his inexplicable love for Arsenal FC but the rest is just fascinating. If I had a bad back I’d want Carl to help me get it sorted. Top guy.


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Having decided on a change of life by moving home from the UK to Italy, this is the story and thoughts of a man on a personal journey from the Blackpool Tower to the Leaning Tower of Pisa, in search of la dolce vita. After several olive harvests he's now back in London but en route he shares his very personal perspectives on life.

5 thoughts on “pasta paulie; publicity agent

  1. You are too kind
    lot’s of love from your humble servant.

    Oh and thanks for the book report, I was looking for something to read. So will pick up a copy of Mick Wall’s biog of LedZep. As you know I’m not really old enough to remember them, being born a few months before Neil Armstrong walked on the Moon. However LedZep are definately at the top of my list of all time favourite popular combos along with The Floyd.

    And… I was going to give you Steve Jobs’ phone number for Mac support, but he’s gone off sick. It was nothing I said, honest.

  2. hi p

    no sweat p; it’s long overdue.

    re Zep I’m just reading the bit i the book when they spent time at Bron-Yr-Aur the cottage that Page and Plant bought as a base for their song writing etc. It’s close to Aberystwyth which is where i was at Uni at the time and explains their end of tour/tribute to local fans gig in the town’s concert hall (!) which is where i saw them play and lift the roof off. Hardly Filmore East but what a performance.

    he’s a bloody sick-note that Jobs fella. doesn’t he realise how many questions i’ve got about this machine of his?


  3. Paulie,
    I don’t think you realise the importance of Jeff Beck in modern music. It’s WAY MORE than Hi bloody HO Silver lining mate.
    1. He replaced Eric Clapton in John Mayall’s Blues Breakers – probably the seminal English blues band.
    2. Ever heard of The Yardbirds? – I know you have, you’re older than me
    😉 – during his time is when they had all their hits.
    3. Formed the Jeff Beck Group after that and hired Rod the Mod and Ron Wood who later formed the Small Faces.

    He was in a plane crash after that and then formed Beck Bogart Apice (I know, who?) the rythm section of Vanilla Fudge. That lasted 2 years and he went solo. Did a bunch of solo stuff w/out too much success after that.
    In the 80’s he did a lot of Charity stuff (Amnesty, Secret Policemen etc) with Eric. Diagnosed with tinnitus after that so only recorded sporadically.
    While Beck was not the first rock guitarist to experiment with electronic distortion, he nonetheless helped to redefine the sound and role of the electric guitar in rock music.

    Pink Floyd originally considered Beck to replace Syd Barrett after Syd became difficult to work with. However, as Nick Mason recalls in his autobiography, ‘none of us had the nerve to ask him. Roger finally managed it twenty years later’. David Gilmour became Pink Floyd’s guitarist instead.

    He has 4 Grammy’s to his name and will this year be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame – I’d love to be @ that Concert cos you KNOW Eric and Jimmy P will show up (they’ve only ever played together once before i believe).

    So – a bit more important than you give him credit for.

    In the interests of full disclosure I used Wikipedia for verification of the facts as I’m not a Beck-nut.


  4. well thanks SF; that’s great beckground!

    still think if you asked 100 people, 99 would know him just for HHSL. but that’s why i admire you – you’re one in a million, well a hundred….!


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