Well I’m more than a little brassed off. My wife C’s not here but in London working hard. The weather’s miserable; foggy, rainy and cold. The gas man rang at long last on Saturday promising to deliver some gas after we’ve endured almost 3 weeks shivering away. He didn’t turn up. The dining room roof has started to leak again and the hessian curtains that we humped all the way back to the UK for cleaning and pressing and then back here again are soaking and probably ruined. Enel the electricity company have written to say that for some reason they’ve underestimated our consumption (how they can do this when we have electronic digital meters which are logged at the power company I do not know). Because I’ve felt it necessary to question the enormous bill, we suddenly find that our electricity supply’s been reduced to emergency levels. We cannot use the washing machine nor oven nor toaster nor heaters and the trip switch goes off several times a day, usually at night of course. It spooks R out because there’s absolutely no ambient lighting round here. Tonight it went off when I  was in the bloody shower. Because the trip switch meter is on the outside of the house I had to traipse all the way  from the bathroom upstairs, then all the way round to the front of the house in the bloody rain and in the bloody dark with just a towel wrapped round me. I can still use the computer, just, but every time the power goes off I have to re-set the router and it’s a real pain in the butt but at least I got a load of e-mails out to my solicitor and others today . Yes I’m miserable tonight alright.  


9 thoughts on “miserable

  1. Hope things brighten up again soon!
    It is absolutely freezing here in Thailand as well. Wrote a blog about it, but I’m wearing a stupid amount of clothes to bed these days.
    We do have electricity however, and I hope yours improves shortly! Happy New Year by the way.


  2. Hi M
    and happy NY too. Just been to your site – great fun. I got a bit concerned reading about the ‘border runs’ – i guess that’s the anxious parent in me. you guys just seem to handle it like catching a bus. will be checking in regularly. take care

  3. hi NA

    just as dismal today to be honest but this is all character-forming right? I should be quite a character by the time we get it all sorted.

    but R is keeping me amused and topped up with many cups of tea during the day. a little bit of wine is helping make the evening’s more tolerable. and i’ve got some good online friends…. thanks for the fillip mate.

    ps did you notice the posting ‘pp publicity agent’ and the new links?

  4. Hi PP

    Indeed, many thanks for that, and interestingly have had a jump in traffic as a result – Laughed at the AFC reference BTW!



  5. Hi fellas

    many thanks – some gloves would be great p.

    couldn’t resist the AFC aside C. glad to hear it’s had a boost effect. have noticed some traffic leaving this site for both yours. hope it results in something!


  6. Hi P. just reading your stuff and got this mental picture of you in the nude, in the dark, trying to sort your router out ! Take care. Mike

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