tina turner

Regular readers may remember some months ago that I did a guest posting on the Lost Girl’s blogsite. I was just pondering what people who’ve been in the public eye do all day when they retire – especially performers who, I assume, must crave something to replace the adrenalin rush. They must find it difficult to fill the void. I was particularly interested in Tina the burner Turner who, was quite simply the best (see what I did there?) female performer I’d ever seen in concert. By a mile. If you’ve never seen her cover Robert Palmer’s Addicted to Love, go get a download or DVD and watch her shake her stuff. In fact I’ll ask my daughter to dig it out for me, that’ll cheer me up! I read that she had retired from the business some time ago, or so I thought…..

Today news reaches me from the China Daily post no less that Tina’s just embarked on her 2099 European tour at the age of 69. Yeh it just had to be at that age with TT. Incredible. I just had a hunch that the urge to burn (and earn?) would be hard to shake off. I’m not trying to be clever or overly cynical; I’m really pleased that she still feels good enough to get up there and still do it. I do think it’s easier for a man though – they can grow old and nobody minds how they look so long as the voice remains sound (Tom Jones please note). So I was intrigued to know whether time had been kind to La Turner. Well here’s a shot from her first show and she looks pretty damn good to me. Mind you a couple of those dancers look as if they’ve had a few Big Macs since the last tour…

00221917dec40ad8ed70361Welcome back TT 


2 thoughts on “tina turner

  1. Hi PP

    Maybe the figures of the backing singers were chosen in keeping with some basic ratio of lead performer to backing singer must not exceed a ratio of less than 3:1….. mind you on that basis Kylies choir would be invisible and no stage in the world would be able to stand the weight of Weather Girls and the full ensemble!

    Ho hum!


  2. could be NA.

    i’m the last person in the world to comment on chunkiness but it’s not often you see pro dancers as curvy as these girls. no complaints here!


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