who wants to be a… milliner?





I know it’s all that the media have been going on about for the last week but here’s the thing; we went to see Slumdog Millionaire last week-end and it was brilliant. No, it was bloody brilliant.  C and I haven’t been to the cinema since we went with good friends M and J some 5 or 6 years ago. Things have changed – it was a multiplex Vue cinema in sunny Staines (we were expecting the worst) and you know what, the place was excellent; big comfortable seats, perfect sight lines, great sound system, friendly staff, easy book-ahead system. Surely the film was going to prove a disappointment…..oh no.

It’s got to be the best British film since….what, Brassed Off or The Full Monty? I mean funded and created by  British money/talent  because the subject matter isn’t very British of course. But it’s a sensational film. Was it worthy of  8 Oscars? Probably not but who’s counting? Great casting and acting, sensational cinematography and the music and final dance sequence  were just so good.

I’m sure we were the last people on earth to see it  but in case we weren’t, go see it in a packed cinema asap. And when you do come back and tell me if you agree that the WWTBAM? show host actually  invites the participants to become hat designers rather than simply a lot richer. Listen carefully…

One final comment;  what was Danny Boyle drinking before his Oscar acceptance performance? One too many Tigger beers? Very bizarre stuff – made me slightly embarrassed to admit to being a Lancastrian,  as did all that nah then stuff with his dad celebrating at the local working man’s club in Radcliffe, Bury. Still with 8 oscars and dozens of other awards to his credit I don’t suppose Danny B gives a Bombay Duck about what I think.



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