I don’t now whether you caught the 2 hour tv drama ‘Margaret’ the other evening, but I thought it was only 2 Tory grandees short of being  brilliant. I carry no light for Mrs Thatcher and her politics mind you but this factional portrayal of the last days of her Premiership almost had me feeling sorry for the old twin-set and pearls handbagging milk-snatcher.

A number of our top actresses have done reasonable takes on La Thatcher but Lindsay Duncan’s performance in the title role, despite her being a little too beautiful and never really capturing that manufactured voice, just seemed to capture the vulnerability beneath the steely Thatcher exterior.  There was a stellar-supporting cast of the grey suits at the top of the Tory party but whilst some of the portrayals were spookily accurate (John Session as Geoffrey Howe must be the best thing he’s done on TV) a number of others were a little too Spitting Image for me.  

But I’m not going to be picky picky; this was outstanding TV drama from the BBC. They even managed to find an actor almost as ugly as John Sargeant to play their erstwhile political correspondent. No mean task!



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