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It seems like all the women I know have been captivated by it. It’s not the prospect of a blind date with John McCririck but the TV series Mistresses, which has just finished its second series. The plot lines are ridiculous of course but the four female leads enjoy, and occasionally regret, hours of exciting, dangerous and unfaithful love-making (and sometimes just plain old dirty sex) with a succession of great looking – and ruthlessly exploited – men. I’ve noticed that wistful look in my wife’s eyes.

Now as a man I’m slightly embarrassed of course by all the steamy scenes but I’m not too red-faced to admit that I find one of the ‘Mistresses’, actress Shelley Conn, to be probably the prettiest and most sexy woman on UK tv. If Carlsberg did women they’d make them like Shelley. Everything about her is simply lovely – her voice, looks, figure, hair style, smile, personality and her effortless ability to make almost any clothes look great on her. She’s probably a right bitch……!  I couldn’t find a photo which did her justice but this is about the best: 



Shelley’s an actress of course rather than a presenter but I couldn’t help but think that here was one woman who would make it unquestionably on Italian tv. And then I got to thinking about other female presenters on UK tv who would give their Italian counterparts a real run for their money: accomplished journalists, seasoned experts in their field, bright and intelligent and, of course, extremely easy on the eye. These are my candidates for the UK tv’s sexiest and best female presenters:

1. Mariella Frostrup


2. Kate Silverton


3. Penny Smith


4. Claire Tomlinson


5. Kate Humble



If you can suggest a more a deserving line-up please shout. Of course I’d also be delighted to hear your suggestions on the top 5 great looking and charismatic male presenters on UK tv (and if McCririck makes the list I’ll take up train spotting).


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