What do you know about Wiltshire? It’s kind of like one of those places that you travel through on the way to somewhere more interesting don’t you think? Name 5 things notable about the county: Stonehenge, Longleat, Salisbury Plain/Cathedral, Swindon. Easy. Yeh? now name the next 5. Tricky eh. I’m not trying to knock the place – honestly – it’s just a county that’s rarely been on my radar.  Until this week.

You see earlier this week we had our first stay at a Center Parcs facility, at their Longleat forest location, with E, S and our grandsons. It was great of the kids to invite us along and although we could only stay for a day and a half  because of work stuff, it was great fun and not a little exhausting. We walked, spent ages in the adventure playground, helped S out at his football coaching class and cycled! Indeed C has rediscovered a love for cycling and is busy trying to acquire a bike off Ebay  whilst even R did a ton of cycling (and swearing at all the inconsiderate folks cluttering up the cycleways) on her trike. Great fun and laughs. Obviously we didn’t get chance to try all the facilities (which can be a little pricey I thought) but it was a good experience overall.  Any time with our family is great by us.

I went back yesterday to pick R up and was meeting her and E at a halfway point. As I was running early it gave me chance to check out the wonderful Stonehenge and the lesser known and free-to-visit!  Woodhenge just a mile or so away. The place was deserted and if anything the views over the Plain are even more stunning. I even managed to check out a Hawk Conservation Centre for future reference if we ever go back with the boys. It looked great.

So it’s not zilch in Wilts after all eh.



2 thoughts on “wiltshire

  1. hi russ

    i’m not sure how an ape catches human herpes but i categorically deny any monkey business took place on the trip. i was at least a mile away at the time.


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