the night the earth really did move

So what about our short stay at our Italian home? Well it was nice to be back there; the weather was lovely, the house looked ok, our power supply had been restored and although we were scheduled to get quite a bit of work done we were looking forward to the break. Surely we’d be spared any dramas this visit.

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the drive down to Italy


Well we’re  back from an eventful short stay in Italy but more of that later.  I just wanted to write about the journey because

a) I always do and

b) I need to share all the little mishaps that always seem to happen to us on the trek to pasta land.

There’s an inevitability about this, a bit like groundhog giorno, and I can’t help but wonder if the Gods of Wicked Fun have now run out of other poor saps and just get their entertainment throwing curve balls our way. Ah well, it keeps me topped up with things to write about. Continue reading

it’s the little things that are so annoying


I hate to admit it but I’m turning into one of those Grumpy Old Men for whom small irritating molehills rapidly become mountains of annoyance. I’m starting to find more than a few examples living in Staines. Oh and that’s me on the right. Continue reading

funny runners

Have you ever listened to yourself on tape/video? It’s embarrassing isn’t it? But have you ever seen yourself running? I’m pleased to say I haven’t because I’ve a feeling that I might run funnily. Have you noticed how many people seem to run with an amusing or unfortunate style? And because jogging’s so popular over here, it’s becoming one of my favourite sports – spotting people who run like Disney’s Goofy. Continue reading

G20 + 6 months

Well it all seems to be going swimmingly so far; nobody from across the Channel has walked out or anything and the Red Army Faction haven’t yet  stormed the walls of the Bank of England.  Mind you, new best mates Gordy and Bazza have only had a breakfast meeting so far.  There’s still time for it all to go wrong but let’s not be negative Nevilles. Instead imagine if this summit was taking place in 6 months time with the UK economy sinking deeper into the worst recession ever and all PM/ministerial privileges suspended.

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