shocking news?

Well I don’t know what came as a greater shock; the news that Katie Price (aka Jordan) and her perma-tanned husband Peter Andre had decided to separate and were headed for a divorce; or the latest revelation that top Tories were now guilty of using their taxpayer-funded allowances to maintain their manor houses and stately homes. Who’da thunk it? I don’t know what’s worse to be honest; claiming for maltesers and toilet seats or moat cleaning and country seats. It seems that politicians of every shade have had their snouts in the trough and been abusing the expenses and allowances system. To hear them claiming that it was ‘within the rules’ or the ‘responsibility of the audit committee’ to decide if claims were acceptable or not is just outrageous. And if they’re not trying to justify their action they’re now scrabbling to re-pay the more outrageous claims in a desperate attempt to to save their worthless hides. These people have the moral compasses of, well, Premiership footballers. What’s the betting Jordan and Peter announce their reconciliation and undying and eternal love for each other way before the grasping politicians introduce a fair, reasonable and publicly accountable remuneration system for themselves?


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